The Doctors: Capsule Endoscopy Vs Colonoscopy Vs Regular Endoscopy


The Doctors: Capsule Endoscopy Vs Colonoscopy Vs Regular Endoscopy

The Doctors looked at new technology called capsule endoscopy which allows doctors to look at the entire small intestine, something they couldn’t do before.

The Doctors: Capsule Endoscopy Takes Two Pictures a Second

The Doctors talked with one woman who had blood work come back saying she is anemic but a colonoscopy and an endoscopy both came back negative. She wanted to know why and she also wanted to know how she could figure out what was wrong with her.


The Doctors said both the endoscopy and the colonoscopy leave about 20 feet of intestines unsearched and that area of the body could hold the answers to why her blood work came back saying she is anemic.

While neither of those procedures would work to find the problem, Dr. Su Sachar said capsule endoscopy would work. This capsule is swallow like a pill and then for the next eight hours it travels through the intestines taking pictures every two seconds because it is discharged from the body in feces.

Don’t worry. The camera does not need to be returned. The doctors receive the pictures digitally and can use them to see what is happening the body.


How Does a Colonoscopy Work?

Dr. Sachar explained a colonoscopy is a very common procedure that looks through the length of the colon for ulcers, polyps and other anemia causing symptoms. While it works well, it does not look through all the intestines and the preparation is not very fun.

How Does an Endoscopy Work?

The endoscopy is similar to the colonoscopy in the sense it allows doctors to see inside the body but inside of going through the rear, the endoscopy goes through the mouth where it can check the esophagus and the stomach for problems.

Capsule Endoscopy Preparation

The capsule endoscopy is great because the device, created in 2001, takes about 55,000 pictures to create an image of what the inside of the intestines look like. There is some preparation for the capsule though.

  • Clear liquids for 24 hours before.
  • Stop or delay medications.
  • Can do normally activities.
  • Avoid lifting and strenuous activities.

Check out the video below to see the capsule endoscopy in action.


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