The Doctors: Can Men Tell if a Woman is on Her Period By Smelling Her?


The Doctors: Can Men Smell a Period?

In the wild, animals wants their male partners to know when it is time to mate. For example, wolves will release a scent before they ovulate to let the males know it is time to mate. Lions do something similar except they go right up to their mates and let them smell them to let them know mating time has arrived.

The Doctors: Can Men Tell if a Woman is on Her Period By Smelling Her?

The Doctors helped one woman who thought men could smell her odor while on her period. While they can smell her odor, they don’t know it.


Humans on the other hand probably don’t want anyone knowing it is mating time by sending out a smell. But are they doing it inadvertently?

Amanda said when she is on her period she breaks out really bad, her cramps are unbearable and she gets really moody. While those are all signs she is on her period, she feels like she gives off a scent as well. Can people tell when she is on her period because of her scent?

Dr. Lisa Masterson said many people can tell if someone is on their period because of physical changes in their body but it would be harder for them to detect her odor since her odor changes very little during her period. Studies have shown men can tell when you are on your period, but it’s mostly subconscious.


Prague Study Shows Men Can Smell When Woman Is On Her Period

A study out of Prague made men sniff the shirts of women on and off their periods. They found the men to be the most attracted to the women who just started their periods or who were ovulating.

So, basically, men can tell if you are on you period, but they don’t even know they can tell.

To make sure your odor never gets too out of hand, Dr. Masterson said it is imperative to change your tampon frequently and to never douche.

The Scent Of a Man – How Male Fluids Should Smell

Milan is worried about his male fluids. He said the fluids change smells and textures on different occasions and he wanted to know if should be worried. He said he notices the biggest changes when he eats something sweet or when he eats fish.

Dr. Travis Stork said male fluids are full of elements like potassium, zinc and some amino acids which can all change the smell and texture of the fluids. He noted that these changes should be minuscule changes and nothing too noticeable. When the smell becomes noticeable or the texture changes drastically, Dr. Stork said this can be a sign of an STD  or an infection in the body.


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