The Doctors: Can Eating Sushi Cause Parasites? Roundworm Vs Ringworm


The Drs: Roundworm Vs Ringworm

About 15 million Americans (and growing) have food allergies. But the cause could be Intestinal Parasites, which “cause intestinal inflammation, which causes Leaky Gut,” and finally the annoying allergic reaction. Can eating sushi cause Parasites? Find out the symptoms and tests, as well as whether your Contact Lenses are putting you at risk for bacteria.

There are about 25 million Asthma patients in America, but the cause could actually be Ringworms. Rheumatoid Arthritis could also be caused by Roundworm invading the joints.


Can Eating Sushi Cause Parasites?

The Drs: Can Eating Sushi Cause Parasites?

It's a popular dish, but can eating Sushi cause parasites? The Drs learned the difference between roundworm vs ringworm.

Gastroenterologist Dr Susan Edelstein and The Doctors convened to talk about some more of the unwanted guests that could call your body home. She brought jars containing Tapeworms and Roundworms, which can live for years.

“If you just ingest a few of their eggs in contaminated water supplies, [or] in food” that is undercooked, such as rare meat or sushi, Dr Edelstein said you could contract Roundworms. That’s a reason to ask for your food to be well done, or at least cooked through.


The Drs: Parasite Symptoms & Testing

Here are some common symptoms to watch for if you think you might have intestinal parasites:

  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Gas & Bloating
  • Fever (low grade & recurrent)
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Headaches
  • Hives
  • Eczema

When you carry these worms for years, you can start to develop inflammation anywhere in the body. A stool study can be used to determine whether you are suffering from intestinal parasites. Also check out Dr Oz’s Intestinal Parasite Warnings & Natural Parasite Remedies.

The Doctors: Contact Lens Bacteria

Millions of people rely on Contact Lenses to be able to see the world around them. But could you be putting more bacteria in your eyes through these lenses? The CDC reports dozens of cases of Acanthamoeba Parasite transmission, which is present in water, soil, and air.

Once inside the eye, this parasite will get comfortable in your Cornea, eventually leading to blindness if it’s not diagnosed and treated. But that’s not all: 96% of people have a Demodex Mite, which hides in eyelash follicles to eat dead skin; at least these ones are harmless.

The Drs: Alicia Silverstone Mouth Feeding Health Risks

There are probably 100 million bacteria living in your mouth, even if you’re taking good care of your mouth. Yeast, Strep, Staph, and more could be inside your mouth at all times. That (and the fact that it’s weird) could have something to do with why people reacted so strongly to video of Alicia Silverstone mouth feeding her son. Is this safe?

Dr Jim Sears said that we’re a culture of germophobes, and people had visceral reactions to that video. But he said “every culture, parents are doing this, and it’s not a big deal.” But he doesn’t see any compelling health benefits or antibodies that aren’t present in the body by age 6. Dr Lisa Masterson admitted that she did this with her son, Daniel, when he was very young.

What do you think of the recent Alicia Silverstone Controversy?


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