The Doctors: Can Baby Powder Be Dangerous?


The Doctors: Dangerous Pranks

Baby powder pranks can be funny, but can they also be dangerous?

Pranks are usually pretty fun, but most of the time they can be dangerous as well, even if the prankster doesn’t realize it. In a video shown on The Doctors a young women is sitting in a room with her friend who is about to blow dry her hair. Little does the girl about to blow dry her hair know, the other girl put baby powder inside the blow dryer.


When she turns on the blowdryer, I am sure you can imagine what happened. Although the prank was funny, I laughed, the prank was also quite dangerous. Dr. Ordon said Talcum Powder can be very bad if accidentally ingested. Dr. Ordon said if too much is ingested, the person should call poison control immediately. He also said a safer alternative would be corn starch powder or a lotion.

Dr. Sears also mentioned it would safer to use a lotion on a baby because they baby may inhale too much of the powder causeing complications for the baby.

The Doctors & USA Weekend: Tricep Exercises

Dr. Stork talked about ways to get triceps from jiggly to firm with three good excercises. The first way is doing a normal push up but with the hands turned in. Dr. Stork said if it is too difficult to do a push up this way, using your knees would work just as well.


A second way to strengthen the triceps is by placing a dumbbell in your hand and doing an up and down motion like you are reaching for something behind you. The third way is to sit in a chair and, while holding a dumbbell, bring your arm straight up your side while bending your elbow, as if you are grabbing something off the floor.


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