The Doctors: Brown Recluse Spider Infestation & Health Danger


The Doctors: Are You a Pack Rat?

The Doctors informed their viewers that the phrase “pack rat” is a play on words because rats and other critters love to hide in the piles of clothes in the back of your closet.

Dr. Jim Sears said that while rodents obviously carry a lot of diseases, just being exposed to their urine or feces can also put your health at risk.


The Doctors: Dylan Baumann’s 40 Brown Recluse Spiders

The Doctors: Brown Recluse Spider Infestation & Health Danger

Dylan Baumann’s apartment is infested with brown recluse spiders. The Doctors had tips on how to prevent and get rid of insects in your home.

For the last four months, 40 brown recluse spiders have been running wild in Dylan Baumann’s apartment. Out of the 200 types of spiders that you can find in Nebraska, the brown recluse and black widow spiders are the most dangerous – if they bite your skin, they can inject venom.

Somehow, Dylan has not yet been bitten. He said its a combination of pushing his bed away from the wall and just learning to not get bit.


Dr. Travis Stork asked Dylan how he goes to sleep at night, and Dylan said that it isn’t easy and requires a lot of effort. Apparently, brown recluse spiders are very resistant to pesticides, which is why Dylan’s infestation is so out of hand.

The Doctors: Use Sticky Traps to Kill Brown Recluse Spiders

Dylan said that he’s put out a lot of sticky traps – the spiders are more active at night and the traps help stop them.

He also said that he has pushed his bed away from the wall and tucked the bed skirt in. Brown recluses are terrible climbers, and if they can’t reach your bed skirt, they can’t snuggle up with you at night. They also aren’t good at climbing metal, so if you have a metal bed frame that will help you out.

Dylan is trying to keep the clutter down in his closet because he’s seen 12 spiders in there alone. Orkin came out to his apartment this week and drilled holes every six inches in the bottom of his closet and filled them with foam, pesticides and insecticides.

The Doctors: Brown Recluse Bite Can Lead to Skin Grafts

Dr. Stork said that the toxins in a brown recluse can be worse than a rattlesnake. A bite can lead to a wound that need skin grafts. He said if you get bit by a spider, try to bring that spider with you to the emergency room so they can better treat you.

It’s also important to seal things. The more cracks you have in your walls, the more likely your chances of an insect infestation.


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