The Doctors: BPA in Canned Goods Affects Dopamine & Sperm Quality


The Doctors: BPA & Canned Goods

BPA is a toxic chemical that has been used to make food and beverage containers for several decades. A Harvard study now finds that BPA is used in plastic products and can lining, which can seep into your canned goods. Upon hearing these results, one woman planned to expand her own garden so she doesn’t have to buy as many canned food products.

“These researchers have found levels of BPA 1200% higher after eating or drinking canned food or beverages, and that’s really alarming,” Dr. Jim Sears said. He added that the effects could be temporary, but if you are eating or drinking canned goods every day, you would maintain a high level.


The Drs: BPA & Canned Food

Your canned veggies or beverages could contain a dangerous chemical that could affect pregnancy hormones and have other health risks.

The Drs TV: BPA Side Effects

He explained that this could affect your sperm quality, the hormone dopamine, and even lead to conditions like ADHD. Dr. Lisa Masterson said BPA could also affect hormones like Estrogen, which can have an impact on Pregnant Women and their babies.

Dr. Travis Stork said the safest approach is to focus on eating fresh foods whenever possible. Dr. Jim suggested that even frozen foods might be a more healthy option than canned items.


Symptoms & Your Health

Dr. Travis said if you have symptoms that are bothering you, check with a trusted medical professional to help you get to the bottom of your health problem. You never know what could be at the root of whatever is bothering you.

Farewell To The Doctors Producer Joni

Earlier in the show, The Doctors producer Joni underwent a foot procedure for IPK Foot Pain.

At the end of today’s broadcast, Dr. Travis said that Joni has been working on The Doctors for three years, but she is now leaving the show after three years to move closer to her family in Colorado.

The Doctors all thanked her for her hard work over the years and wished her well in the future. That’s a nice gesture, because it takes many different people to get shows like this put together each day, and they don’t always get a lot of recognition.


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