The Doctors: Booty Pop, Butt Implants & Brazilian Butt Lift


The Doctors: Cement Butt Implants

A Florida woman is charged with practicing medicine without a license. Duchess, as she is nicknamed, was performing butt implants using things like Fix-A-Flat, cement, and Superglue. On top of being illegal and dangerous, and causing patients to develop pneumonia and other health problems, Duchess’s work made the finished products look cartoonish.

One patient let Duchess give her face implants, and an actual doctor has spent the last three years trying to repair the damage this caused.


The Doctors: Bad Butt Implants

A woman in Florida is charged with using toxic chemicals to perform dangerous butt implants.

Dr. Lisa Masterson: Toxic Tush Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Dr. Lisa Masterson said women often ask about the right way to get body implants or enhancements. She said you should go to a board certified physician, and find someone who has a successful track record. I know I wouldn’t let anyone alter my body without at least flashing me some before and after pictures.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said there are no shortcuts when it comes to plastic surgery. He couldn’t believe that someone would do this. Dr. Ordon said that everyone wants to look and feel better, but this was not the way to go about it.


Dr. Travis Stork: Poisonous Plastic Surgery Chemicals

Dr. Travis Stork looked at the ingredients included in the concoction Duchess injected her patients with. From the flat tire repair chemicals to mineral oil, paper cement, and Superglue, he said these chemicals would disrupt your tissue and inflame the body.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said physicians know what the effects will be. But the average person may not know the consequences, which can be serious.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said that these conditions can worsen over time as the body reacts and interacts with these types of do-it-yourself chemicals, leading to serious infection and even death. He said that as these materials are absorbed into the body, it would become impossible to completely remove all traces of them.

Dr. Masterson said experimenting with at-home plastic surgery could affect the rest of our life. Dr. Stork pointed out that flat tire repair is recommended for use on car tires, not for injection into the human body.

The Doctors: Plastic Surgery Victims

Rajee Narinesingh is a transgender woman and one of the alleged victims of Duchess’s plastic surgery. She was on hormone therapy for awhile, and she wanted to make cosmetic changes to her body, but couldn’t afford them, so she went to Duchess.

Dr. Andrew Ordon sat down with Rajee and her plastic surgeon to get the details, and learned that Rajee knew Duchess was not a doctor, and the procedures were done in an apartment. Rajee said she started with her face, which she said looked really good at first.

Her reconstructive surgeon, Dr. John Martin, said that the inflammatory reaction to implants can start years later. Rajee said the first thing people see when they look at you is your face. When her discount implants began to distort her face, she had to turn to Dr. Martin.

Dr. John Martin: Cement Face Implants

Rajee’s first surgery was slated for one hour and ended up taking four times that. They looked at the work Dr. Martin performed on Rajee. Dr. John Martin said that the implants they found in Rajee’s face were similar to rocks.

Rajee also got breast implants from Duchess, which were probably silicone or mineral oil, according to Dr. Ordon. He recommended that she have her implants professionally evaluated.

Rajee said her message to others is, “Don’t do it. Go to a certified plastic surgeon, because you could become very, very ill or even die. And I know that’s what could’ve happened to me.”

The Drs TV Show: Avoiding Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Dr. Travis Stork said more victims continue to come forward in this case. Shaquanda Brown said she got butt implants from the Duchess, and they almost killed her. She experienced flu-like symptoms and leaking lumps on her buttocks. She spent more than 30 days in the hospital.

Her attorney, Spencer Aronfeld, said she had Versa as well as a Staph Infection, and she is lucky to have survived. Spencer Aronfeld said it’s unfortunate that he deals with many cases like this. He recommended taking your time when selecting a plastic surgeon.

You can search online for your state’s Department Of Health website, to verify that the physician is licensed. Spencer Aronfeld also encouraged prospective patients to interview doctors about things like what hospitals they have privileges at.

Dr Andrew Ordon: Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Travis Stork stressed that this scenario is extreme, and it does not reflect on legitimate plastic surgeons. Dr. Andrew Ordon, a plastic surgeon, said women look at celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce and want to achieve a fuller butt.

Dr. Ordon suggested buttock implants, which are similar to breast implants. These are safe and are put in during a surgery. Also popular is the Brazilian butt lift, which takes fat from another part of the patient’s body and relocates it to the butt.

The Doctors: Booty Pop

Dr. Ordon said surgery isn’t for everybody. If you aren’t ready for surgery, you can try exercises to isolate your glutes naturally. He also recommends the Booty Pop (you can read an excellent review of this product here: Booty Pop Review), which is an undergarment designed to enhance the appearance of your rear end. Click here to purchase your own Booty Pop garment.


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