The Doctors: BodyViz 3D Body Scan & Healthy Vs Unhealthy Heart


Dr. Travis: Lean Belly Secrets

Dr. Travis Stork is going it alone today, sharing an hour’s worth of secrets for building a better belly. He started by saying that fad diets don’t work, which is hilarious since The Doctors flogged that PINK Method Diet twice in a month.

The Doctors: BodyViz Review

Dr. Travis used a new technology called BodyViz to show how food can affect your body over years. The software showed a 3D model of the heart, and he pointed out the heart’s Aortic Arch, highlighting dangerous calcium buildup.


The Doctors: Healthy Vs Unhealthy Organs

Understanding what fat does to the inside of your body can be shocking and eye-opening.

Next, he showed a 3D image of fat inside the abdomen. The cross section looked like a cut of meat, which is actually a helpful visual. He pointed out large white sections of Subcutaneous Fat and explained that this is generally found around the belly and is responsible for love handles.

You can see BodyViz in action at


Dr Travis Stork: Healthy Vs Unhealthy Human Heart

Dr. Travis and audience member Alicia learned more about anatomy by looking at tactile models of elements from the human body. First up was Fat from the Omentum, “the apron [that] covers your internal organs.”

This pliable skirt-like fat grows as you put on weight from overindulging in bad fats. A growing Omentum is the beginning of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and other health problems.

Dr. Travis said a healthy human heart should be about the size of a fist. For comparison, he had Alicia hold an enlarged heart from an unhealthy body, which was much larger and literally clogged with fat on the inside.

The Drs TV: Healthy Vs Unhealthy Liver

The liver’s job is to filter the blood, and its functions are important in a healthy human body. The healthy liver Dr. Travis showed Alicia looked like a cooked pork chop. For comparison, the show featured a diseased liver that looked like a rotting steak. It was also covered in nodules.

Dr. Travis said that everyone assumes liver problems are caused by Hepatitis, infections, or complications from alcohol. But it’s important not to discount Fatty Liver Disease. This can also impair the liver.

The Doctors: Healthy Vs Unhealthy Aorta

When your heart can’t pump optimally and your liver is impaired as well, your body is going to struggle to maintain basic life functions.

Next, Dr. Travis showed the Aorta, one of the most important arteries in the body. When opened up, the Aorta is smooth and pink, allowing blood cells to easily slide through. A diseased Aorta is caked with fat deposits, discolored, and pretty disgusting.

Seeing what can happen to your body when it’s not properly taken care of might be a good motivator to start making better choices when it comes to nutrition and fitness.


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