The Doctors: Bloodshot Eye Surgery | Chronic Conjunctival Surgery


The Drs TV: Bloodshot Eyes

James struggled with Bloodshot Eyes throughout his life, with constant red eyes for the last five or six years. He said it’s painful and he’s concerned about people judging him because of the stigma that Bloodshot Eyes are associated with drug use.

The Drs: Bloodshot Eye Surgery

If you routinely suffer from Bloodshot Eyes, you may need surgery to correct this condition.


The Doctors: Chronic Conjunctival Blood Vessel Surgery

Eye Surgeon Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler diagnosed James with Chronic Conjunctival Blood Vessels. There is a procedure to correct this, and it involves numbing the eyeballs, which sounds like it would be excruciatingly painful. Hopefully it’s a general anesthetic and not a local, right? Nobody likes a giant needle in the eye.

Doctors inserted lubrication plugs to accelerate the healing process. Then Dr. Wachler removed thin strips to separate the bloodshot membrane from the surface of the eye. James said he had no pain, while his doctor compared slicing off part of his eye to peeling a layer off the onion. He said the body will regenerate a new membrane. The surgery also cleared up brown a sunspot on his eye.

The Doctors: Kids Sunglasses & Sun Damage

James and Dr. Wachler joined Dr. Travis Stork for an in-studio update. James said the transformation was like night and day. Dr. Wachler said this was caused by years of sun damage. Kids don’t tend to wear sunglasses while they’re playing outside, even if they are slathered in sunscreen.


Habits of not wearing sunglasses lead to a variety of sun damage. Dr. Wachler said it’s important to get kids wearing sunglasses from a young age, and you need to skip over the cheap sunglasses in favor of a pair with UV protection.

The Drs TV: Bloodshot Eye Surgery

Dr. Wachler demonstrated the procedure on a giant eye, explaining that it takes about 15 minutes per eye, and the eyes are numbed with drops, so that means no needle or anesthesia. The first step is mapping out the damaged area. Next, the doctor will peel off the membrane. Finally, the body regenerates a new membrane on its own.

James has been recovering well and his eyes are white and clear. Dr. Wachler said he expects James will continue to see improvements.

Dr. Travis stressed that this procedure is for chronic sufferers, not occasional redness that can be attributed to other causes and factors.

Eye Drop Dangers

Dr. Travis said it’s also harmful to rely heavily on eye drops or overuse them, because they restrict the blood vessels in your eye.



    • Janet says

      Hi: I believe the procedure was developed by Dr. Wachler, and I think it is called I-Brite. His website is . They are in Beverly Hills, CA. I remember reading on that site a while ago that it is a fairly common procedure for eye doctors, but Dr. Wachler modified it. I also am remembering the figure $5,000, but I don’t know if that was per eye or for both eyes.

      Good luck.

      • Janet says

        I just downloaded a free brochure about the I-Brite procedure. It says Dr. Wachler is the only one who performs this surgery right now. The cost per eye if you have never had scleral surgery before is $3050-$5050 per eye. They do finance plans though. The brochure is very thorough about the procedure and process. Hope that helps.

  1. says

    Are there any other eye doctors that do this. What’s the cost? Are the blood vessels in the membrane that is to be removed? My blood vessels seems to be from wearing soft contact lenses for a long time.

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