The Doctors: Blepharitis Eye Acne Tests & Treatment


The Doctors: Chronic & Severe Dry Eyes

Marisa emailed The Doctors for a cure for her chronic dry eyes. “They’re red, irritated and burning, and my eyelids even stick to my eyes in the morning,” she wrote.

The Doctors invited Marisa to the studio for a consultation with Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler. Dr. Travis Stork said this type of eye problem must be painful.


The Doctors: Blepharitis Treatment

Could your dry eyes be something else? Learn about an under-diagnosed condition called Blepharitis.

The Drs TV: Dry Eyes Causes

Dr. Boxer Wachler explained that common causes of Dry Eyes include “the eye not making enough tear film,” causing decreased tear production, and Blepharitis, which is an under-diagnosed condition.

Blepharitis is when the glands near your eyelashes get clogged, causing something similar to acne. This condition results in irritation, inflammation, and even blurred vision.


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Blepharitis Tests Vs Dry Eye

While over the counter treatments may work for minor cases, Dr. Boxer Wachler explained that a new Tear Scope test helps doctors determine whether a patient has chronic dry eyes.

“We can non-invasively look at the eye. It’s like having binoculars for the tear film,” he explained, allowing them to examine the quality of tear film as well as the severity of a patient’s dry eye condition.

A camera actually took us inside Marisa’s eye, and her tear film contained abnormal debris. A healthy eye would contain no debris.

Blepharitis Treatments

Dr. Boxer Wachler said that traditional eye drops could help with the dry eye problem. But that does not help alleviate the Blepharitis. Those clogged oil glands indicate a hormonal imbalance of testosterone versus estrogen.

Marisa applied the cream to the skin near her eyelashes, which is designed to help clear up the clogged glands. Dr. Boxer Wachler explained that patients may see results after a month of treatment.

He also demonstrated goggles that can be used to intensify the effects of treatment, that patients can wear while sleeping to help hydrate the area and accelerate the treatment process.

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  1. Sameul says


    I’m a sufferer of dry eyes from posterior and anterior blehparitis. I just wanted to know the name of the cream and goggles recommended for patients with dry eyes by Dr. Boxer Wachler?

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