The Doctors: Birthmarks, Eyelid Drooping & Handwriting Analysis


The Doctors: Are Birthmarks Harmful?

The Doctors invited audience members backstage before the show to play dress up and take silly pictures. They chose one picture to take a look at, and it belonged to a girl named Jessica.

Jessica said that when she saw the picture, what jumps out at her is the large birthmark on her chest. She wondered if she has it because of some sort of deficiency as a child.


Dr. Jim Sears said he gets asked that question a lot by parents, but most of the reasons for having a birthmark are harmless. He said sometime there’s just too much pigment in the area, or there’s not enough.

The Doctors: You Can’t Prevent Birthmarks

The Doctors: Birthmarks, Eyelid Drooping & Handwriting Analysis

According to The Doctors, the majority of birthmarks are harmless and usually a sign of too much pigment in an area. There is nothing that your mother could have done to prevent them.

According to Dr. Sears, some birthmarks are harmless or isolated, but others are part of a pattern of bad things. Birthmarks can be linked to kidney or eye problems. Dr. Lisa Masterson said she calls them beauty marks, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to prevent them from happening.


Dr. Andrew Ordon called Jessica’s birthmark a benign cafe-au-lait spot, and said makeup could cover it up or she could look into a laser treatment to get rid of it.

The Doctors: Handwriting Expert Beth Chrisman

Handwriting expert Beth Chrisman joined The Doctors to discuss if your handwriting could determine if you were ill or not. Chrisman studied graphology, which is the analysis of handwriting to learn more about the writer.

The Doctors: Can Handwriting Show Your Illness?

The first handwriting example was from a person with Parkinson’s Disease. The handwriting was extremely rigid and looked like it was done by a person with a shaky hand.

The next example was very wiggly and from someone with Alzheimer’s Disease. Chrisman said that as someone with Alzheimer’s deteriorates, so does their handwriting.

Chrisman said that if your handwriting has always been terrible, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong. If you had beautiful handwriting and all of a sudden it’s a mess, it could be a sign of something bad.

The Doctors: How to Fix Your Droopy Eyelids

Audience member Elizabeth brought a picture with her to the show regarding a medical concern she has – her droopy eyes. Dr. Andrew Ordon said that there is an excess hooding in her eyelids.

Dr. Ordon said to correct it, he would make an incision in the natural eyelid crease and remove the excess skin. He said Elizabeth’s brows are also down slightly, and he would bring her brows up which would help her out a lot.

Dr. Ordon is going to give Elizabeth the surgery and document it for the show.


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