The Doctors: Best Kind Of Floss To Use & CryoShape Removes Ear Keloids


The Doctors: Importance Of Flossing

The Doctors: Best Kind Of Floss To Use & CryoShape Removes Ear Keloids

The Doctors had Dr. Miguel Stanley show viewers the importance of flossing and a woman had her keloid removed with CryoShape, which froze it off.

The Doctorsinvited Dr. Miguel Stanley, a dentist, on the show today to go over the importance of flossing. They called Dr. Stanley on the show because they received an email from a woman asking what kind of floss is the best kind of floss for her teeth.


Dr. Stanley said the kind of floss that is used does not matter, it only matters that you floss every day. He demonstrated how to get the floss in between the teeth and use it like a seesaw all the way down to the gums. Many people complain their gums will bleed from flossing, but Dr. Stanley explained the gums are bleeding because they are inflamed. As long as you keep flossing, the gums will become healthy and stop bleeding. For people who have dental implants or teeth that have fused together, he recommended a different type of floss to string through the opening between the teeth, near the gums.

“Almost 90 percent of dental cavities start in between the contact point between teeth,” Dr. Stanley said, meaning it is imperative to dental health to continue flossing everyday, before or after you brush your teeth. And if the floss smells when you are done flossing, Dr. Stanley said it is sign to continue flossing because there is a lot of gunk in the spaces between the teeth.


The Drs: New Treatment For Removing Keloids

When Stephanie was in high school, she decided she wanted to gauge her ears. As she got older, she decided to take the gauges out of her ears and the holes eventually closed up. But she developed keloids, lumpy growths caused from rampant scar tissue, behind her ears and now she is now very self conscious about her ears.

“It’s not only a thickened scar, but it’s like a mass that’s grown, and it’s just the body overproducing scar tissue, primarily collagen, in that area, but it’s tough to treat,” Dr. Andrew Ordon explained. Good news for her, the keloids can be removed.

The Doctors: CryoShape To Freeze Keloids Off

The Doctors called on the help of dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee to demonstrate how the CryoShape, a sub-zero probe, works with cryogen and is inserted into the center of the keloid where it freezes it from the inside out. She explained the keloid will become frostbitten and within a few weeks of the procedure, the keloid is going to fall right off. The procedure is only needed once and studies have shown 97 percent of patients had no reoccurrence with 18 months.

Dr. Ordon said other methods for getting rid of a keloid include using a combination of laser, incisions and steroid injections to get the keloid off the skin, but this one, which is painless, seemed like the best procedure.


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