The Doctors: Benefits Of Supplements & Audience Mystery Word


The Doctors: Beauty From The Inside Out

Pharmacist and author Suzy Cohen joined The Doctors to talk about how you can eat your way to feeling and looking better. She said that she often recommends vitamins and minerals to help fill nutrient gaps, especially when you are attempting to lose weight or cut calories.

Dr. Jim Sears said that health begins with a balanced diet. You can get the nutrition you need by eating a mix of foods as recommended by government food guidelines, such as lean meats, fruits, grains, and vegetables. But he said you can ask your doctor about vitamin supplements.


The Doctors: Benefits Of Supplements & Audience Mystery Word

Pharmacist Suzy Cohen shared tips and benefits of over the counter vitamins and supplements.

Suzy Cohen explained that if your body has good nutrition, everything works smoothly on the inside. But some of the effects are visible, like Biotin, which helps you have healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Vitamin B12 & Cell Growth

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that B12 helps with cell regeneration in the body, helping your skin. Since hair and nails are constantly growing, it’s important that they have the energy they need to sustain themselves. Dr. Jim Sears said B vitamins are important for metabolism and energy.


Suzy Cohen: Vitamin C & Vitamin D Benefits

Suzy Cohen said antioxidants like Vitamin C are often overlooked. But they can remove free radicals from your body, which cells make in response to pollutants like smoking or UV radiation. This can contribute to the aging process, which is why Vitamin C is so important.

Vitamin C is found in a variety of common foods. The list includes citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, and summer squash. Dr. Jim Sears said canned or frozen vegetables are an acceptable substitute if fresh produce is not available. You can also take Vitamin C as a dietary supplement.

She added that sunlight helps your body produce Vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium, to help maintain healthy teeth and bones. According to The Doctors, low levels of Vitamin D can pose risks to your health in many areas, including bone & muscle health, your heart, mood, brain, and immune system.

Suzy Cohen: How to Choose the Right Vitamins & Supplements

Viewer Megan said she is afraid she’s not getting the right nutrients, and wanted advice on choosing the right vitamins. Suzy Cohen suggested talking to your pharmacist or physician as a starting point, to “help you become more supplement savvy.”

She also recommends high quality brands that test their vitamins and minerals. She said she has partnered with Nature Made, because of their rigorous testing methods.

The Doctors: Most Looked Up Medical Conditions Online

The Doctors had a trivia question for viewers. “The Most Looked Up Medical Condition On The Web This Past Year Was Acute Herpes Zoster. What Does Acute Herpes Zoster Stand For?” The choices were Athlete’s Foot, Shingles, Pink Eye, and Cold Sores.

Through the course of the show, Dr. Travis Stork narrowed down the options by removing possible answers. At the end of the show, the answer was finally revealed. Acute Herpes Zoster is actually shingles, to the surprise of the audience.

The Drs TV Show: Is Shingles Contagious?

Cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex, Dr. Travis Stork explained. Herpes Zoster is actually a reactivation of chicken pox, and it follows a root nerve distribution. He said that shingles is contagious, but can only be transmitted to a person who has not had chicken pox.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said it is important to keep your immune system strong at any age. Dr. Travis Stork said you can talk to your doctor about the shingles vaccine, if you are over age 50.

Dr. Travis Stork’s orders for today tied in with the theme of words that are hard to pronounce. If you don’t know what your doctor is talking about, or they are using big words you don’t understand, always ask. Make sure you know what they mean before you leave the appointment.


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