The Doctors: Benefits Of Kissing + 30 Day Kissing Challenge


The Drs: Keep Spark Alive With Kissing

The Doctors: Benefits Of Kissing + 30 Day Kissing Challenge

A 100-year-old therapist shared with The Doctors the importance of kissing to maintain relationships. Will you take the 30 Day Kissing Challenge? (aikos / flickr)

The Doctors shared that if you’re wondering how to keep the spark alive in your relationship, one very experienced therapist says it all about kissing. Couples in long-term relationships say that kissing is the first thing that goes. But the simple act of kissing can be the most intimate, and women complain that without it, they feel a loss of connection with their partner.


The Doctors then welcomed 100-year-old therapist Shirley Zussman, who pointed out that on TV, they share very long kisses. Dr Jennifer Berman said that kissing causes oxytocin to increase and causes good feelings. Dr Drew Ordon said he’s been in the longest relationship and kissing is the key. Dr Jennifer Ashton said if the doctor practices what she preaches, “If that’s what 100 years old looks like, sign me up” about Shirley.

The Drs: Kissing & Intimacy

Dr Ashton said a lot of her male friends feel that kissing is more intimate than actual intercourse, and Dr Berman said she agrees. Dr Ashton said she likes the smell of her husband’s breath most of the time, and Shirley thought that was ironic that she said that because one of the most common complaints she hears has to do with smell.

Dr Travis Stork said he believes that good oral hygiene is important when kissing is involved. Shirley said she thinks men and women want different things from kissing. Women love the romance of it.


How do you keep the spark alive in your relationship? Do you agree with their views on the importance of kissing?

The Drs: 30 Day Kissing Challenge

The Doctors then revealed their 30 Day Kissing Challenge. They want you to kiss your partner every day for 30 days and share how it impacts your relationship, hoping that it will help you rekindle the spark that brought you together in the first place.

Will you participate in the challenge?


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