The Doctors: Benefits of Eating Placenta & Pixie Harness Review


The Doctors: Married to Medicine Review

The Doctors had a very special show today. They invited two of the doctors from Married to Medicine, Dr. Jacqueline Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore, on the set to help them answer some medical questions but first they wanted to hear about the new show.

The Doctors: Benefits of Eating Placenta & Pixie Harness Review

The Doctors talked with two doctors from Married to Medicine about the benefits of eating placenta and how a pregnant woman should wear her seat belt.


Both the doctors said the show depicts their lives “with and without the white coats on.” They said audiences have the chance to see them in their best and worst moments, from having fun to dealing with controversy.

Are There Health Benefits to Consuming Placenta?

Celebrities like January Jones and Holly Madison have been praising the consumption of placenta but The Doctors wanted to know if it really is beneficial.

Dr. Whitmore said a recent study has linked the consumption of the placenta to making a woman feel better but she did not mention any studies which actually prove any type of health benefits.


Dreamcatcher Made from Dried Umbilical Cord

If you don’t want to eat the placenta, you might want to make a dreamcatcher from your child’s umbilical cord, like the one in the video below. While all the doctors on the show thought it was kind of gross to make a dreamcatcher out of an umbilical cord, Dr. Walters hoped the blood from the umbilical cord was saved. Research has found that the blood from an umbilical cord is useful in curing many diseases like sickle cells anemia, lymphoma and more.

The Doctors: Brazilian Woman Tries to Poison Husband with Private Parts

A while ago, teenagers were making headlines for soaking tampons in vodka and then inserting them in an effort to get drunk faster. Well, a woman in Brazil took the same idea, but with the intent to murder her husband.

This Brazilian woman was hospitalized after she inadvertently poisoned herself. What she was trying to do was place poison in her female region and poison her husband while making love to him. Unfortunately for her, the female area is very absorbent.

Dr. Jacqueline Walters demonstrated how the female private parts are very good at sucking up liquids, adding that the poison hurt the woman quickly because it went right into her bloodstream. Dr. Travis Stork pointed out that this is why teens were using tampons soaked in vodka. The alcohol goes right into the bloodstream instead of having to pass through the GI tract which essentially filters the vodka.

The Doctors: Pixie Harness Review for Pregnant Drivers

Dr. Travis Stork said he is always talking with pregnant patients who are worried about wearing their safety belts in the car because they think it could harm the baby or because they say it is too uncomfortable. In an effort to help them find comfort and feel safe while driving, Dr. Stork found the Pixie Harness, a seat belt for expectant mothers.

Dr. Jim Sears loved the idea of the Pixie Harness because he said right now, around 87 percent of pregnant women do not wear their safety belts and that number is far too high.

How to Wear a Safety Belt When Pregnant

Dr. Jacqueline Walters said for women without the Pixie Harness, she would recommend wearing the seat belt around the lower abdomen. This is the best position for it because if an accident happens, the jerking and pressure won’t cause harm to the baby, at least not from the seat belt.

“As soon as there is a baby bump, place the seat belt below the abdomen,” she commented, adding that everyone should be wearing their seat belt at all times in the car.

Check out what the Pixie Harness looks like in the video below.


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