The Doctors & Ben Vereen: Start Taking Action Now for Diabetes


The Doctors: Ben Vereen

Diabetes is a disease that can have an impact on anyone. The Doctors talked about some promising Artificial Pancreas trials, but it’s important to focus on what can be done about Diabetes right now. That’s where Tony Award winner Ben Vereen and the STAND program come in.

The Drs: Ben Vereen Type 2 Diabetes

Ben Vereen joined The Doctors team to talk about his own experiences living with Diabetes. His diagnosis came in 2007 and he said he wished The Doctors had been on the air back then to help him know the signs.


Ben Vereen: Start Taking Action Now for Diabetes

The Doctors talked about Ben Vereen's work with STAND, Start Taking Action Now for Diabetes. (s_bukley /

His symptoms included Dry Mouth, Frequent Urination and Lethargy. He was in denial about his Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, “but it can happen to anybody,” he said.

STAND: Start Taking Action Now for Diabetes

Eventually, he accepted his diagnosis and got help. Now he is working to help educate others through STAND: Start Taking Action Now for Diabetes. “I want to change the dialogue about Diabetes,” he said. “I’m not suffering with Diabetes. I’m living with Diabetes.”


He was excited to share what he has already learned about Diabetes.

The Doctors: Diabetes Warning Signs

Dr Travis Stork rattled off some common warning signs of Diabetes that you can watch out for.

  • Unusual Thirst
  • Frequent Urination
  • Unexplained Fatigue
  • Velvety Skin Discoloration

“All these things will happen if you do not do the right thing,” Ben Vereen said.

Changing your eating habits and taking medication are easy things people can do to take control of their health. He said it’s important to work with your doctor to take care of yourself. A quick, easy blood test can help diagnose Diabetes almost instantly. Early diagnosis makes it even easier to stay healthy.

Dr Lisa Masterson pointed out that it’s possible to have no symptoms of Diabetes. Ben Vereen said you can get involved in STAND, which hopes to help end the Diabetes epidemic in America.

The Drs: Dancing As Exercise & Family History

The Doctors surprised one big fan with a visit from Ben Vereen. Elaine expected to share her personal Diabetes story for the show, and got to share it with Ben Vereen one on one. She said she was in denial about the diagnosis.

Ben explored what she was afraid of, and it turned out that she had an extensive family history of Diabetes. She finally realized that she had to take care of herself or she would succumb to her symptoms.

Elaine admitted to having trouble with exercising and giving up sweets. But she was afraid to dance. Who better than Ben Vereen to get her back on the dance floor? She couldn’t stop smiling once she got back in the groove.

Back in the studio, Elaine said she had an amazing time. Ben showed off a few of his moves, proving that Diabetes isn’t slowing him down or affecting his ability to enjoy the things he loves.


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