The Doctors: BARS Chronic Hernia Relief Surgery Results


The Doctors: Complacency Health Risks

Being complacent can allow minor health problems to escalate, with serious consequences. Ignoring a hernia could damage your internal organs.

Dr. Travis Stork said sometimes Complacency is fine, but over time it can lead people to the ER.


The Drs: BARS Hernia Surgery

The Doctors explored the BARS procedure to repair the effects of chronic hernias and prevent recurrence.

The Drs TV: BARS Hernia Procedure

If you suffer from Hernia pain, there is a new surgery that could give you relief. Dr. Andrew Elkwood explained the BARS procedure, which stands for Boney Anchored Reinforcement Surgery.

He explained that this process reconstructs the abdominal wall, anchoring the hernia repair to bone so it stays in place. It also shifts the weight of the organs into the Pelvis. They actually drill a hole in the bone to anchor the reconstruction.


BARS Procedure Results

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that a Hernia is a weakness inside the body, when tissue moves around internally. Dr. Jim Sears said muscle tends to hold your internal anatomy together, but when muscle layers separate, it causes a hernia.

Dr. Elkwood was in the studio audience to talk about candidates for the BARS Procedure. He explained that it’s designed for chronic hernia sufferers who have had multiple corrective operations.

The process sews a patch into the bone, keeping it in place. By redirecting the weight of whatever is causing the Hernia, doctors hope this can prevent Hernias from reoccurring.

Strangulated Hernia Risks

Dr. Andrew said this process works by changing the shape of the Abdominal Contents, keeping them from shifting out of place. Dr. Elkwood said recurrent Hernias could have serious complications, including death, in the case of a Strangulated Hernia.

Dr. Travis said a Strangulated Hernia can lead to emergency surgery or super infection. “If you have a hernia and suddenly it becomes more painful, you need to go get it checked out right then and there,” he said.

BARS Procedure Patient Results

Audience member Shannon had the BARS Procedure to relieve her hernia. She said she feels great after the procedure. Her hernia pain was horrible, and she said multiple surgeons turned her away.

Finally, Dr. Elkwood and the BARS Procedure helped Shannon find relief. Her history of Cesarean sections likely weakened her abdominal muscles, leading to her chronic pain.



  1. says

    June 11,2012 Monday. Hi everyone on The Doctors. Just watched your show. I have a question to have forwarded to the Doctor Andrew Elkwood. This posting is on the ” BARS- Boney Anchored Reinforcement Surgery. This being hope for repeated hernia surgery. Yet I have to ask, Being heria Surgery MESH being a big problem in hernia surgery, is their something in this new surgery that keeps mesh from becoming a death or a health problem. Like in with all the mesh lawsuits? I have had 2 c-wection, 1 open stitch ventral hernia surger, 1 lap with mesh.

  2. Rosalia H. Boullon says

    I am a sufferer of a problem call diastasis recti – do you have any information – besides what I have found on the web – that may be able to assist me? Is there a physician here in the Miami Dade/Broward County area that will operate in such condition? Please I am desperate.

    • says

      Unfortunately, we don’t have additional medical information to provide, beyond what we learn from the show.

      If you’re trying to find a qualified specialist in your area, you might try checking with your local Better Business Bureau or using a website like to help you narrow down your options.

      I wish you luck and better health!

    • says

      Hi Rosalia, My name is L. Spivey, just posted above you. I also have diastasis recti, I developed this from under the breast bone to navel, after the 2C-Section, got worst with my fiirst ventral hernia. Which was repaired open stitch surgery in 03. Then for 7 years I developed heavy adhesion sscar tissue. I moved to another state new doctors etc… They found new navel hernia, removed adhesions repaired navel hernia by lap and hernia mesh. Their isn’t much that they can do with Dia recti, other then wear a binder. No heavy lifting or anything that would strain or pull it apart further… . I have researched the term dia recti along with scar tissue adhesions that might be a help to you.

  3. jodi says

    My name is Jodi and at 27 I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis. I had a liver transplant in 2001 and did well until the umbilical hernias appeared. I had two repairs in 6wks.and had to have a third by having a Kugel Mesh applied. I was never so ill after that procedure. Infections engulfed my bloodstream and my small bowel was ruptured by the mesh. The mesh was recalled because of a faulty product and the hernia repair was again attempted at no avail. I am now 39 living in daily pain with several hernias and a binder I wear daily. I saw the Doctors talk about the procedure and will certainly be asking questions to see if I am a candidate. Could this be the one? I have several other medical problems, but I’m very tough. I hope this is a possibility! My quality of life could be so much better!

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