The Doctors: Average Number Of Toots Per Day & Do Men Fart More?


The Doctors: Terrible Toot Truths

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez  stopped by The Doctors February 4 2013 to give the terrible toot truth to us. Dr. Travis Stork told his co-hosts not to fart around, because this is serious business. He asked Dr. Rodriguez what farting truly is.

Dr. Rodriguez said it’s gas that we all make. There’s nothing unnatural about it. Sometimes it’s caused by chemicals, drinking with straws or drinking soda. He said it’s the consistency of it that causes the smell.


The Doctors: Average Number Of Toots Per Day & Do Men Fart More?

Tired of the smell? Dr. Jorge Rodriguez said on The Doctors that some people have a protein that turns more of what they eat into sulfur.

The Drs: Fart Fact Or Fiction

The hosts played a game with the audience where they asked them to guess whether something was a fart fact or a fart fiction. First question up: do men fart more?

The majority of the audience held up their paddles to show fact. Dr. Rodriguez revealed that yes, this was indeed a fact. Women tend to hold it in more, even though men and women both produce the same amount of gas.


Dr. Stork asked if that means more came out when women go to the bathroom. Dr. Rodriguez said that some farts can be reabsorbed, but the ones that do are the non-smelly ones. Which means that women’s farts are much more smelly.

The Doctors: How Many Times A Day Do We Fart?

Dr. Rodriguez gave the hosts a homework assignment to measure the amount of farts they had over the course of a day. The average number of farts per day for a person is 14. Dr. Lisa Masterson said she didn’t record any, because she didn’t fart. She said she’d record them when she has one.

Dr. Jim Sears had 20 and one of his entries read, “In the elevator. They totally knew it was me.”

The Drs: Are All Toots Created Equal?

Another fart fact or fiction: are all toots created equal? Fart fiction.

Dr. Rodriguez said that most have methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and a little bit of oxygen. But it depends on what you eat. He said that some people also have a protein that attracts bacteria that turns more of what we eat into sulfur.

Dr. Stork’s last question: who let a fart out during this segment? One girl raised her paddle high. Dr. Stork laughed and all the hosts applauded her.


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