The Doctors: Are E Cigarettes, Coffee and Vitamins Bad for You?


The Doctors: Are E Cigarettes Better for You?

The Doctors TV show discussed “E-Cigarettes,” which are not actually cigarettes, but a vapor. Dr. Travis Stork asked the audience if they thought these cigarettes are a good or bad way to quit smoking.

The majority of the audience said they were bad. A study done at the University of Athens in Greece found that airway resistance increased for 10 minutes after smoking these cigarettes.


The Doctors: E Cigarettes Contain Nicotine

While these cigarettes are better for you than smoking an actual cigarette, they do contain some harmful ingredients. Nicotine, which increases blood pressure and heart rate, is found in the E-Cigarettes.

An audience member who said they were good said there’s the option to smoke them without the nicotine and with just the flavor in them. She suggested that slowly decreasing the nicotine content might be a good way to stop smoking. Dr. Stork loved her idea and said that it could be a good way to deal with an oral fixation.

The Doctors: Should You Take Vitamins?

The Doctors: Are E Cigarettes, Coffee and Vitamins Bad for You?

You might think you’re doing your heart and lungs a favor by smoking an e cigarette, but are they really better for you than regular cigarettes?


Dr. Stork asked the audience if they thought that vitamins are good or bad. There were mostly goods, but a few bads.

Tasha, who said they were bad, said there were too many out there and that she didn’t take them because she doesn’t know what to take. Another audience member said she thinks they’re good because she doesn’t think we get all we need when we eat.

Over half of Americans take vitamins, and many of them take more than one vitamin at a time. Personally, I take a women’s multivitamin and a calcium pill every day. Do you take vitamins regularly?

The Doctors: Increased Risk of Death in Vitamin Users

According to Dr. Travis Stork, a study followed 35,000 women that took vitamins over 19 years. There was a slight increase in risk of death among older women that took supplements.

Dr. Stork said that this doesn’t mean that vitamins or supplements are bad, but indiscriminate use of them could be harmful to your health. If you’re going to take a vitamin, clear it with your physician first.

In this study, women who took multivitamins had a 2.4% higher risk of early death than women who didn’t. Dr. Stork stressed again that this doesn’t mean they are bad for you, but discuss it with your doctor first before taking something.

The Doctors: Is Drinking Coffee Bad for You?

Did you know that 400 million cups of coffee are consumed in America every day? Dr. Stork asked the audience if they think coffee is good or bad for us.

Dr. Stork was amazed to see how many people thought coffee was bad. One audience member who said it was good for us said it gives her the extra boost she needs in the morning. She said as long as you drink it in moderation and have water in between you’re probably fine. She admitted to drinking three to four cups of coffee a day either black or with soy milk.

Milk Prevents Teeth Stains From Coffee

A young man in the audience said he thinks it’s bad because his brother has really bad stained teeth. Dr. Stork said that if you add a little milk to your coffee it will bind to the polyphenols in the coffee and reduce the risk of staining your teeth.

The Doctors: Coffee Reduces Pain & Improves Athleticism?

A recent study among workers who drank coffee placed them at a computer desk and asked them about pain in their neck and back. The coffee drinkers reported less pain. Other studies have also suggested an improvement in athletic performance from drinking coffee, and it could potentially reduce your risk of dementia.

Dr. Stork said that he was talking about coffee and coffee beans, not super sugary “coffee” drinks (aka Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes). A couple cups of coffee can be good for you, but if you’re overdoing it, over time all the caffeine can make you jittery and dangerously increase your heart rate.

The Doctors: Coffee is Source of Antioxidants

He told the story of a trucker that came into the ER with an irregularly fast heart rate. Dr. Stork was worried that the man was having a heart attack, and asked him if he’d done anything different that day. The man told him that he had 20 energy drinks that day.

Coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in this country, but like anything, you should drink it in moderation. Find out more about coffee from Dr. Stork in the video below.


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