The Doctors: Air Travel Health Risks & Airline Hygiene


The Doctors: Kehei Traveler

Flight attendants that chose to keep their identities confidential shared their sickening stories of the healthy hazards of dirty airplanes. Children urinate, dogs poop, and passengers vomit on the floors of airplanes. One flight attendant said she’d never seen an airplane floor be seriously cleaned in her 15 years on the job.

Parents change their baby’s diapers on the same tray tables they eat off of. Tray tables don’t get cleaned very often either, and the same goes for bathroom floors. Some passengers throw their waste paper on the bathroom floor or counter, rather than in the toilet.


The Doctors Kehei Traveler

From diapers to vomit, there's no telling what germs are lurking on your airplane tray table.

Some passengers get intimate in the airplane bathrooms, which are teeming with germs. Couples also get indecent in the dark during night flights, under those complimentary blankets, which aren’t washed before they are used by unsuspecting passengers on the next flight.

According to these flight attendants, the airlines aren’t interested in cleanliness. They are focused on getting the planes turned around on time, and on to their next destinations.


The Doctors: Airplane Seat Cover

Michael and Jennifer, the anonymous flight attendants, joined The Doctors in silhouette to share more about these disgusting revelations. Jennifer said that she has only seen tray tables cleaned twice in 15 years. Michael said parents don’t ask about the best place to change their babies.

Dr. Travis Stork said they found E. Coli and MERSA on airplane tray tables. But there are ways to protect yourself. When traveling, you can clean off your own tray table using pocket sized wipes, and carry hand sanitizer with you to kill germs you may pick up. Dr. Lisa Masterson also travels with her own blanket and pillow.

The Drs TV Show: Airplane Tap Water

Flight attendants do not use bottled water to make coffee or tea on the plane. The water you’re drinking or that is being used to make coffee comes from the same source as the water going to the toilet. But the good news is that water does not recirculate. If you’re concerned about the water on the plane, you can always pick up a beverage at the gate and carry it onboard with you.

How to Prevent Bedbugs & Lice On Airplanes

A recent survey found a 40% increase in airplane bedbugs. Jennifer said she has never seen them personally, but a passenger has complained about them. Dr. Travis Stork said Bedbugs are about ⅛ to ⅕ of an inch in size. Those reused airline blankets can carry Lice and Bedbugs too.

Flight attendant Michael recommends only using things that are sealed. Buying a sealed blanket or pillow ensures no one else has used it before.

Kehei Traveler Review

Dr. Jim Sears suggested using a seat cover infused with Tea Trea Oil to cover the seat. He demonstrated the Kehei Traveler, which not only covers the seat but includes a tray table cover as well.


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