The Doctors: Aftermath of Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West Texas


The Doctors: West Texas Fertilizer Explosion

The Doctors talked with Chelsie, a woman from the West Texas community hit the hardest by the fertilizer plant that exploded earlier this week.

The Doctors: Aftermath of Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West Texas

The Doctors talked with one woman who experienced the fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas firsthand, and they went over how to prepare for disasters.


Chelsie, who lives with her mother about five or six blocks from the plant, said the explosion was terrifying.  All the windows in the house were blown out, a AC unit they had in their window was blown into the house and the force of the blast blew all their pictures off the wall.

“The blast felt like a sonic boom,” she said.

Chelsie’s mother was taken to the hospital after the blast, where she still is to this day. Chelsie said her mother has to stay in the hospital because she does not have her blood pressure medication and they are working with the Red Cross to make sure she gets the medications she needs.


The Drs: Fertilizer Plant Explosion Aftermath

The blast from the fertilizer plant was only the beginning of the problems for communities near the explosion. The Doctors said one of the biggest problems after the explosion is the anhydrous ammonia let off from the fertilizer. According to The Doctors, when anhydrous ammonia mixes with water it becomes very volatile and can cause respiratory problems for anyone who breathes in the gas.

Dr. Andrew Ordon elaborated on the symptoms of anhydrous ammonia inhalation saying it can cause irritation and the caustic nature of the ammonia can cause burning on the skin so severe that skin grafts may be needed.

The Doctors: Red Cross Helps With Psychological Aspect After Explosion

To learn more about the aftermath of the explosion, The Doctors called on the help of Red Cross spokesperson Dan Haylburton. Haylburton said the moment he arrived at a town hit by the blast, he could feel the “quiet determination” of the town. He said he was driving through town and he could see the first responders helping so many people, these people they have know their whole lives.

“The people they were saving were their neighbors and family,” Halyburton said.

Haylburton said one of the biggest challenges they are facing is helping people with the psychological nature of the explosion. While the Red Cross is worried about the effects of the ammonia in the air they are also worried about the emotional toll the blast will take on people’s psyche.

“The psychological nature of the blast is one of the more lasting challenges people will face,” Haylburton said.

The Doctors: Be Prepared For Disaster

With so many things happening lately, Haylburton said a lot of people have been asking him about what they should do if something happens in a city near them. His advice was to be prepared. He said it is important to take time out of your day to come up with a plan as to what you and your family will do during a fire or a tornado or any other type of disaster.


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