The Doctors: A Life Size Game Of Operation


The Doctors: Operation Board Game Life-Size

The Doctors brought contestants Diane and Michael to play a life size version of the classic children’s board game Operation. Both of them have played the game before, but the rules were a little different for today.

The Doctors: A Life Size Game Of Operation

Audience members played a life size game of Operation and learned about medical terms for body parts used in the game.


Dr. Travis Stork explained that they would mention a body part using its proper medical term. They would also give a hint about each body part, and then the contestant would have 20 seconds to correctly identify the body part without making the game board buzz.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: What Is The Furcula?

Diane was first up, and Dr. Andrew Ordon had the game’s first medical term, Furcula. The clue was that it is not part of the human anatomy, but strengthens a bird’s anatomy. Diane went for the Adam’s apple, but she had trouble not making the game buzz.

When time was up, Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that the correct answer was the wishbone, also known as the furcula.


Dr. Travis Stork: Prominentia Laryngea & Adam’s Apple

It was Michael’s turn, and he had to find the Prominentia Laryngea, which Dr. Travis Stork defined as “a protrusion of the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx.” The correct answer this time was the Adam’s apple, and Michael was able to retrieve it with just two seconds left.

The Drs TV Show: Humerus & Quadriceps Contusion

Diane’s second term was the Humerus, which is connected to the Ulnar nerve and controls hand movements. Diane correctly picked out the funny bone before time ran out.

Michael’s next word was Quadriceps Contusion, which affects the quadriceps. Michael knew the correct answer was Charlie Horse, but he struggled to remove it without making the Operation game board buzz.

Next, Diane had to find Prepatellar Bursitis. While she searched, Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that this condition has multiple potential causes, and a doctor may have to drain fluid from the source to determine the cause. The answer was Water On The Knee, and Diane scored a point.

The Doctors: Operation Game Winners

Michael had to score just one more point to win the game. His word was Cardiomyopathy, which Dr. Travis Stork defined as “what happens to this body part when one experiences a breakup or the death of a loved one.” The answer was Broken Heart, and Michael removed it without any problems.

Michael won this game of life size Operation. Both contestants received a medical dictionary, and a trip to the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Health & Longevity Institute.

Dr. Travis Stork announced that Hasbro has revamped the classic Operation board game, and studio audience members each received a free game. You can click here to purchase the latest edition of Operation.


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