The Doctors: A Day in the Life of OB GYN Doctor Lisa Masterson

The Doctors: A Day in the Life of Dr. Lisa Masterson

The Doctors: A Day in the Life of OB GYN Doctor Lisa Masterson

The Doctors sent a film crew to follow around Dr. Lisa Masterson to see how a day in her life normally happens. You won’t believe what she does everyday.
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Dr. Lisa Masterson? You don’t have to wonder any longer because The Doctors sent her home with a camera crew to see what a day in her life is all about.


The first thing she likes to do in the morning is a little target practice with her bow and arrow. She said it is a great workout for her back and arms and it also helps her strengthen her mental focus.

“Pulling out those babies, you have to have muscles,” she said.

After her target practice, Dr. Masterson likes to get herself a nice cup of tea as she is running out the door. She also went over all the different bags she had to choose from eat day. Sometimes she brings her ballet with her and other times she feels like going spinning so she brings her spinning bag. Regardless of what she is going to do, she is always carrying a bunch of bags with her.


When she got to the office on the day they shot the day in the life, she had a lot of business to take care of.

She met with some new patients, she helped a woman who was having heartburn all the time, she helped another woman who was discharging strange stuff from her female area and she also helped a woman who was having health issues every time she flew somewhere.

Finally she met a woman who was about to go into labor. Her contractions started right in the office meaning Dr. Masterson had to have the woman transferred to the hospital to have her monitored in case the baby started to come out.

At the end of the day, Dr. Lisa Masterson didn’t have any more patients to see but she did have to go to hospital to deliver the baby for the woman.


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