The Doctors: 90-Day Bulimia Solution? + 40 Pound Newborn?


The Drs: End Bulimia In 90 Days?

The Doctors: 90-Day Bulimia Solution? + 40 Pound Newborn?

One author claims her book could help people overcome bulimia in 90 days. What did The Doctors think about her message? (flickr)

The Doctors reported that a new controversial treatment claims to help people get over their eating disorders in just 90 days. Chasing Hunger is a new book that argues traditional treatment for bulimia isn’t effective. Kathy Welter Nichols is the author and she claims that bulimia is an addiction developed in a girls’ teenage years, influenced by the media and her peers. Some doctors and psychologists are worried that treating bulimia like a drug addiction could lead to more harm.


Dr Mike Dow joined the show, as well as Kathy Welter Nichols. Kathy began by saying that she was a professional because she’s a registered clinical hypnotherapist. She said she set the book up with nine separate challenges. She explained that her own clients, who she helped to recover, kept pleading with her to put a book out to help other people. It’s a self-help book.

The Drs: Solution For Bulimia

Dr Drew Ordon pointed out that eating disorders are on the rise, and it’s such a deeply involved process that it seems like reading a book wouldn’t be enough. Dr Dow stressed that bulimia is life-threatening because oftentimes when someone has bulimia, they will go back and forth to anorexia, which is the most lethal diagnosis in mental health.

Dr Jennifer Berman pointed out that what Kathy is saying is that the mind has a profound ability to heal. Dr Rachael Ross said giving someone a book could take away from the reality of what bulimia is. Kathy pointed out the high cost of care in the area of eating disorders, and her option is obviously much cheaper. Dr Travis Stork said you have to figure out what works for you. If you suffer from bulimia, getting help is most important.


Do you think it’s possible to overcome bulimia in just 90 days, after reading a book?

The Drs: 40 Pound Newborn?

The Doctors then moved on to their segment “Stuff My Mom Forwards You,” starting with the headline “600-pound woman gives birth to 40-pound baby.” Is that even possible?

The Doctors were joined by an OB/GYN who said it’s pretty much impossible for this to happen. The biggest baby she ever delivered was just under 11 pounds. Dr Ross said it will be hard for a 600-pound woman to get pregnant in the first place. They explained that for those women, they’re at risk for all kinds of health issues, and so is the baby. The picture that was sent in the email was actually of a baby who was 17 pounds.

Larger women tend to have larger babies, and babies born to morbidly obese women tend to have issues with obesity in early childhood.


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