The Doctors: 3-In-1 Ultra Regenerating Facial


The Doctors: 3-In-1 Ultra Regenerating Facial

Dr. Andrew Ordon suggested a non-surgical approach to getting a more youthful facial appearance. You don’t have to go under the knife or resort to a facelift to keep your face and skin looking young and beautiful.

This is a 3-in-1 Ultra Regenerating Facial. Dallas Port is an Aesthetician at Four Seasons Los Angeles, and she showed the three steps of this facial treatment.


The Doctors TV Non-Surgical Facelift

Getting facial treatments regularly can help you maintain youthful skin without surgery.

The Drs: Microdermabrasion

The first part is Microdermabrasion, done with an electrical micro current to shock off layers of dead skin.

The Doctors: Red & Blue Light Therapy

This device goes into the grooves of facial wrinkles. A red light stimulates collagen, while the blue light kills bacteria.


The Drs: Infusion

Finally, a lotion is applied to the face and smoothed into the skin, like icing on a cake.

The Drs: Skin Regenerating Facial

Dr. Andrew Ordon said it won’t have the same effects as facial surgery or more drastic procedures, but it’s not as invasive and good skin maintenance can keep your face looking healthy.

Dr. Ordon showed some Before And After pictures, and he recommended regular treatments to maintain a youthful glow.

Dr. Bill Dorfman: TMJ & Jaw Pain

Dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman explained that TMJ jaw pain can be excruciating. If you’ve ever had a toothache, I’m sure you can agree that it can be unbelievably irritating. 10 million Americans suffer from TMJ disorders.

The Doctors: TMJ Dos & Don’ts

Dr. Dorfman shared some tips for managing your jaw pain.

Don’t Chew Gum

Gum and chewy foods will make pain worse.

Don’t Cradle The Phone

Holding the phone between your shoulder and chin can aggravate your condition.

Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach

Don’t sleep on your stomach, with your head twisted to on side. But that’s how I sleep!

Don’t Lie On Your Back

Don’t lie on your back while reading or watching TV, with your head at a sharp angle. I guess we are supposed to lie on our sides?

Do Get A Custom Mouth Guard

Your dentist can customize a mouth guard for you. They’re more expensive than the generic ones, but Dr. Dorfman said it’s worth the investment.


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