Singer Jewel: Child Hunger Ends Here & The Merry Goes Round Review


The Drs: Jewel & Dr Phil Fight Hunger

The Doctors celebrity episode featured familiar faces talking about tough topics. Jewel was on hand to speak about her work with childhood hunger and how you can get a free song download to help others. Plus, check out her new children’s album, The Merry Goes Round, and learn what Dr Phil is doing to combat hunger as well.

The Doctors: Jewel’s Homelessness and Hunger

From homeless to Hollywood, pop singer and songwriter Jewel has a true rags-to-riches story. She is now giving back to others in the hope of ending childhood hunger. She recalled moving to Alaska as a child and having a difficult time finding food to eat outside of school. That’s an issue that has got to hit harder in the summer, when many schools are out for months on end.


Jewel: Child Hunger Ends Here & The Merry Goes Round

Singer Jewel gave away a free song through Child Hunger Ends Here and talked about her new children's album, The Merry Goes Round. (Photo Works /

Jewel recalled becoming homeless around age 18, and would shoplift food or lurk at happy hours to score free snacks so she’d have something to eat. “It affects 16 million kids in our country,” Jewel said of the hunger epidemic, which is harder to spot in America than in less fortunate countries.

Jewel’s “Here’s Hope” Download: Child Hunger Ends Here

Hit singer and new mom Jewel joined The Doctors team in the studio to talk about this important cause. She said that the problem can seem invisible, because many children affected aren’t homeless, but their parents have to make tough decisions about finances.


Jewel wrote and recorded a song called “Here’s Hope,” which she said is available free through For every song download, a free meal is donated to a child in America. That’s an easy way to give back just by clicking your mouse.

The Drs: Jewel’s Potato Chip Vocal Cord Trick

Dr Travis Stork noted that Jewel has worked as a mentor on The Voice singing reality show. He asked her to share advice for keeping her voice in top form.

“A lot of people are very nervous about singing,” she said. “In the studio, you get very hoarse, ‘cause you’re singing long days. If you’re on tour, it’s grueling.”

Jewel recommended eating potato chips, because the voice coats and lubricates the vocal cords. She admitted sneaking a few on stage during concerts to keep her voice going.

The Doctors: Jewel Breastfeeding & Cancer Risk

Jewel is the mother of a young baby, and she is excited to have a chance to stay home and enjoy getting to know her new son. She had a question of her own about breastfeeding. She wanted to know if it’s true that breastfeeding can reduce cancer risks and childhood obesity risks.

The team agreed that Breastfeeding is great for mother and child. It is believed to decrease breast cancer risk, especially the longer you do it. Having more children and breastfeeding them is also great for a mother’s health.

“The longer you do it, the better,” pediatrician Dr Jim Sears said.

The Drs: Jewel The Merry Goes Round Review

Jewel’s latest album was written with her son in mind. It’s called The Merry Goes Round, and she explained how it came about.

“I have six nieces and nephews, and their children’s music was really hard to listen to over and over and over and over,” Jewel said. She focused on telling good stories and making quality music kids and parents could enjoy together.

The Doctors: Jewel “You Can Count On Me” Performance

Jewel picked up a potato chip and her guitar to perform one of her children’s songs, “You Can Count On Me.” I don’t recall ever seeing a musical performance before on The Doctors, but I have to give them credit for pulling it off, because Jewel’s vocals and guitar sounded great.

Dr Travis Stork said that Jewel had a beautiful voice, making the autotune stars of today pale in comparison. The studio audience got to take home Jewel’s album for free.

Dr Phil: Feeding America

Dr Phil has partnered with Feeding America, because he said “1 in 6 Americans now struggle with hunger.” He said you can get involved and make a difference through


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