Shannon’s Bionic Knee from Christopher Berger on The Doctors TV Show


The Doctors: Shannon’s Prosthetics

Watching Shannon walk onto the stage with prosthetics was pretty amazing, but learning she has only had her leg prosthetics for about six months and she can already walk on them is nearly unbelievable.

Shannon's Bionic Knee from Christopher Berger on The Doctors TV Show

Shannon’s Bionic Knee from Christopher Berger was shown on The Doctors TV Show.


Christopher Berger from East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic

Dr. Travis Stork talked with Christopher Berger, a doctor from East Coast Orthotics and Prosthetics, about fitting the prosthetics on Shannon. Chris Berger explained tiny electrodes are placed on the prosthetics and connect to the persons skin. When electric currents, sent from the brain, are sent to different limbs, the electrode picks up the signal, understands what the intention of the signal is and makes the corresponding limb move. Berger also explained the Dr. Stork that the prosthetics must fit perfectly for the sake of comfort and for the sake of the little electrodes to work.

The Bionic Knee on The Doctors

Dr. Stork pointed out that many of the prosthetics on Shannon are different from each other. Each on fits different and looks different  depending on the job the prosthetic is to perform and where on Shannon’s body the prosthetic is going. Berger and Dr. Stork talked about the prosthetic knee Shannon had received and explained the knee had a small on board computer which monitored how her knee would work. Dr. Stork explained the knee would regulate gait, help with walking in a straight line and, basically, work just about as good as a real knee would.

The Doctors: Robo Arm

Dr. Stork asked to see how the prosthetic arm worked and Berger hooked up an electrode to Dr. Storks arm and told him to move his arm. As he flexed his hand into a fist, a prosthetic laying on a table began to form it’s fist into a ball as well. The advancements in technology are astounding said Dr. Stork.



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