Medtronic Adaptive Stim Restore Spinal Cord Stimulator Review


The Doctors: Ignorance Health Consequences

Are you ignorant about health solutions that could be helping you? It’s hard to keep up with all the ongoing developments. But being unaware of treatment options could mean you’re suffering unnecessarily.

The Drs: Medtronic Spinal Stim

Is spinal cord stimulation right for you? It could be an alternative if back surgery has failed.


The Drs TV: Back Pain Solutions

Dr. Travis Stork said more than 30 million Americans are struggling with Chronic Back Pain. This accounts for millions of doctor or ER visits every year. Back pain is a vicious circle, but there are solutions.

“Most acute back pain does respond very well to conservative measures,” Dr. Travis said.

This can include rest, physical therapy, and regular activity. But sometimes these treatments don’t work.


Spinal Cord Stimulation for Back Pain

The Doctors welcomed an expert in the audience, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ralph Rashbaum.

“The Medtronic Adaptive Stim Restore sensor is basically the newest iteration of spinal cord therapy,” he said. “Typically, this type of a device is used in end stage treatments for chronic, incapacitating back pain.”

He said that the first step in an implant procedure is a trial period during which a lead is implanted to see if the technology can improve symptoms and pain.

“It doesn’t work for everyone,” Dr. Travis said, “but for some people, they see a significant change in their pain.”

Medtronic Adaptive Stim Results

Dr. Ralph said this technology can help even patients who struggle with technology, such as the geriatric population. Candidates for this procedure would have to see dramatic improvement in their symptoms to move on to the next stages of the process.

How Spinal Cord Stimulator Works

Dr. Ralph explained that as you move, the stimulator changes its intensity based on the position of the spinal cord. “If you do not set this at a comfortable level…the device learns over time,” he said.

The device remembers the calibrations and adjustments a patient makes. All they have to do is keep their device charged regularly, and this implant can be effective for as long as a decade.

Is Spinal Cord Stim Right For Me?

Dr. Travis asked about the ideal candidates for this treatment. Dr. Ralph said most candidates have already had unsuccessful back surgery.

“This is a patient with back and/or leg pain,” he said.

Spinal Cord Implant Results

Audience member Tanya is an example of a success story using this treatment.

“I am doing very well now,” she said. “Prior to receiving this, I was literally laid up on the couch all day.”

This could be a useful solution for chronic back pain, when all else fails. But like most these treatments, there is no perfect solution for everyone.


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