Man Who Can Burp Songs | Why Is There Corn Kernels In My Poop?


The Doctors: Man Who Can Burp Songs

The Doctors introduced a man named Jason who can burp songs, and proudly displays his talent on YouTube. This segment is disgusting so far!

Dr. Travis Stork called this a medical mystery. The Doctors called Jason to talk to him about his strange talent.


The Doctors: Corn In Stool

The Doctors explained why corn shows up in your stool without being digested.

Belch Vs Fart

Dr. Travis said there is a difference between belching and farting. To belch, you need to swallow air and then release it. Farting is caused by bacteria produced during digestion, which is not as easy to turn into a performance art, apparently.

Jason offered to burp the theme song from The Doctors, but his performance sounded like a prank caller with a Canadian accent. The Doctors feigned surprise when they learned that Jason is single and available. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t outgrown this grade school talent?!


Burping & Belching Talent

I didn’t have much luck turning up Jason’s YouTube videos, but I did find lots of videos of children and teens burping, so maybe Jason needs to consider a more age-appropriate hobby.

For a show about embarrassing medical questions and problems, this is one that is silly and completely under the control of the burper, so I guess maybe he just likes the attention?

Why Are There Corn Kernels In My Poop?

Dr. Travis tackled one final embarrassing health question in today’s show. Have you ever seen undigested corn in your stool? You are not alone, and there is a medical reason for this.

The reason is Cellulose, a sugar that can’t be broken down by our bodies. Foods like Celery, Broccoli, Peas, and Carrots contain Cellulose. Dr. Travis said some other animals have bacteria in their bodies that can digest these things, but humans do not.

Undigested Corn in Stool

Cellulose is calorie-free, and it actually helps to clean out your digestive system as it passes through. If you’re super weirded out by corn in your poop, you can chew it thoroughly to break it down a bit before passing it through your body.

Finally, Dr. Travis said not to be embarrassed or ashamed to bring up embarrassing body problems. You may find out that it’s normal, or you may get needed medical attention, so you should speak up.


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