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The Doctors: Kevin Sorbo Health Scare

Kevin Sorbo is best known from his 1990s action series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. His character was invincible, but off screen, the actor was hiding a major health secret.

He explained that he noticed a throbbing pain in his arm toward the end of the show’s fifth season. He didn’t see a doctor during shooting in New Zealand. Instead, he waited until returning to the US, and his doctor found a lump in his shoulder.


The Doctors: Kevin Sorbo

TV star Kevin Sorbo talked about the strokes that nearly took his life, and his long road to recovery. (Image Credit: Featureflash /

The Drs TV: Kevin Sorbo Stroke Victim

After that appointment, Kevin Sorbo was driving in LA and heard a popping sound in the back of his head. He had dizziness and vision problems, but was able to pull over. He immediately wondered if he had just had a stroke, but felt he didn’t fit the criteria of a Potential Stroke Victim.

At age 38, he was in great shape and health. He decided to continue driving home, deciding to go on. The next morning, he had two more episodes during breakfast with his fiancee. He said he was trying to speak but couldn’t make words.


Kevin Sorbo Stroke Recovery

Kevin said he expected to die that day, on his way to the hospital. He had suffered four strokes, and managed to come away from the experience without suffering paralysis, speech loss, or death.

He said he thinks men are less likely to reach out for medical help, but this experience made him realize that everyone is fragile and you should not ignore abnormal health symptoms.

The Drs TV: Kevin Sorbo Stroke Awareness

Kevin Sorbo sat down with The Doctors to share more about his Stroke and recovery. Dr. Lisa Masterson agreed that he did not fit the profile of a typical Stroke sufferer. Typically, this is more associated with patients who are Diabetic or overweight.

“I had the signs there, and I was having all these throbbing pains and very strange sensations,” he explained. He and his doctor attributed it to the physicality and stunt work Kevin performed while filming Hercules.

Kevin Sorbo Stroke Sufferer

He said that noticed he couldn’t even lift weights at the gym, and he had a premonition that he shouldn’t let his chiropractor crack his neck. After that appointment, he suffered his first Strokes in the car.

By the time he went to the hospital the next morning, he was having an Aneurysm and doctors thought they might have to amputate one of his arms. He said he is lucky that one Stroke dissolved in his brain.

Posterior Circulation Stroke Symptoms

But three others, including two affecting his balance and one that caused him 10% vision loss, remained. Dr. Travis Stork said this is a unique story, and people need to pay attention to the subtle symptoms.

Dr. Travis said Kevin had textbook symptoms of Posterior Circulation Stroke, including “Dizziness, Dysarthreia, which is broken speech, Disequilibrium…[and] Drop Attacks.”

Chiropractic Treatment Causes Strokes?

Kevin said his doctors believed that the chiropractic treatment cracking his neck sent two of his Strokes to move in his bloodstream. He added that studies have proven having your neck cracked can cause Strokes.

He also said doctors never pinpointed the cause of his Aneurysm. He had been lifting weights for decades, but had never taken any steroids. They speculated that the cause of the aneurysm could have been genetic.

Kevin Sorbo True Strength Review

Kevin said that doctors told him he should not expect to make any progress beyond what he achieved in the first eight months after his stroke. “After eight months, I was still doing pretty crappy,” he said. “This can’t be the way it is.”

He said he pushed himself and turning to alternative medicine to make greater strides in his recovery, including Yoga, Meditation, and Acupuncture.

His book, True Strength, is meant to inspire people who are dealing with life-altering circumstances.

Dr. Lisa said there are still many mysteries when it comes to the body, and physicians should never completely take a patient’s hope away. The studio audience received complimentary copies of Kevin’s new book.

Click here to read Kevin Sorbo’s book, True Strength.

What Happens During A Stroke

Dr. Travis explained how a Stroke affects the body. A blood clot can form in the heart, traveling through the body to the brain, cutting off blood and oxygen flow. This can cause that part of your brain to die.

Depending on where the Blood Clot ends up in the brain, your symptoms will vary. “If you feel something come on suddenly and it is bizarre, makes no sense, and your friends or family are with you, make them take you to the hospital,” Dr. Travis said.

Kevin admitted he was in denial about his experiences, and should have listened to his instincts. “It was there, and I just didn’t pay attention to it,” he said.

Stroke Prevention

“Every 40 seconds, someone suffers from a Stroke, and 80% of them are preventable,” Dr. Lisa said.

You can use the FAST method to evaluate someone’s symptoms if you suspect they are having a stroke.

FAST Stroke Symptoms

  • F – Face: Is their face falling on one side?
  • A – Arms: Can they lift their arms above their head?
  • S – Speech: Is their speech slurred?
  • T – Time: Time to call 911

If a Stroke victim gets proper treatment, they can be saved. “Never give up hope,” Dr. Travis said, noting that each person’s situation and recovery will be different.



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