Is Coco’s Butt Real Or Implants? Husband Ice Loves Big Butts!


The Doctors: Ice T & Coco

If you know Coco, it’s probably because she is married to rapper-turned-actor Ice T. You might also know her because she has an enormous butt. She is upset that people are accusing her of having a fake butt.

That’s because her naturally large butt made her the subject of ridicule growing up. In fact, she was thinking about getting rid of her butt until she fell in love with Ice T, who told her that he loved her big booty.


The Drs: Is Coco's Butt Real Or Implants?

Coco had Dr. Andrew perform an ultrasound to prove whether her butt is real or fake. (Image Credit: Your image should begin downloading immediately If it doesn't start, click here to download the image manually. Need more help? See download tips | Try viewing in your browser This editorial image requires the following credit attribution: s_bukley /

Ice T Loves Coco’s Big Booty

Now she is proud of it, and she thanks Ice T for inspiring her. I have been wondering for a week what medical excuse they were going to gin up to have Coco as a guest on The Doctors and now I know. They are testing the authenticity of her butt!

Coco Butt Ultrasound

Dr. Andrew Ordon told Coco that large butts are popular in Hollywood these days. Coco said this is a new trend, and wasn’t popular when she was younger. She added that she has no idea why people persist in spreading these rumors.


Coco said she is now 32, and her butt has been getting even bigger as she gets older. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew took a look for himself, and explained to Coco how butt implants work. She admitted that she has breast implants, but was surprised that butt implants were much more firm.

“One thing about a woman’s booty is that it shakes and it is fat and it does its own thing. It has its own personality,” she said.

Ultrasound: Is Coco’s Butt Real Or Implants?

Dr. Andrew had an ultrasound set up in the show’s procedure room to help Coco set the record straight. Coco admitted that she is trying to enhance her butt naturally because her husband Ice T likes it so much.

Coco’s Butt Ultrasound Results

As he performed the ultrasound, Dr. Andrew explained the tissues and fats he was seeing. He was searching for evidence of injections or implants. He determined that “Coco’s buttocks are 100% real.”

Dr. Andrew said she has a normal amount of fat, but really well-developed gluteal muscles, which gives her butt its striking shape. Next, he showed a comparison of Coco’s ultrasound and the ultrasound of someone with butt implants, for further proof that her butt is real.

Ice Loves Coco on E!

If you like Coco or just enjoy big butts, you can see more of her in her reality series Ice Loves Coco, Sundays on E!


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