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The Doctors: Get Fit Challenge

Dr. Travis Stork said the audience response to this season’s Get Fit With The Doctors contest was overwhelming. It was time for an update on the entries and winner.

Thousands of viewers sent in videos of their health problems and fitness goals. Were you one of them? Almost everyone wanted to lose weight and improve their appearance. But out of all these faces, one really resonated with the show.


The Doctors: Get Fit Winner

Teacher Whitney Maxwell of Savannah, Georgia, is the winner of the Get Fit With The Doctors contest.

The Doctors: Whitney Maxwell

Whitney Maxwell is a 23-year-old student teacher who is about to graduate from college and get married. She is ready to get her weight under control.

She said that her brother died in February 2005, and instead of dealing with her grief, she turned to food. Whitney is a self-described emotional eater, and while she likes her curves, she wants to be healthy and avoid chronic problems like Diabetes.


Whitney Maxwell Get Fit Challenge

Dr. Travis got fellow teacher Christy in on the surprise, so she could reveal to Whitney that she won The Doctors’ contest.

Christy gathered students and staff in the school library, and brought Whitney in to hear the news from Dr. Travis himself. Christy’s wedding is coming in November, and to get her started making healthy changes, they invited her to LA to train with The Doctors.

“I’m so blessed to have this opportunity,” Whitney said, as her students and her fiancee cheered her on.

The Doctors Get Fit Winner Whitney

The Doctors welcomed Whitney to their stage. She said she was truly surprised, because she submitted her video on a whim.

Dr. Travis revealed another surprised for Whitney. He did a one-on-one workout to show her how intensity, not fancy equipment, is the key to a good workout.

Whitney’s Workout With Dr. Travis

Whitney said she typically does the Elliptical Machine at the gym. Instead, Dr. Travis suggested Jump Rope as a more intense exercise alternative.

He also taught Whitney how to modify Push Ups by getting on your knees. He encouraged her to push herself at the gym, instead of just going through the motions.

Doctors Get Fit Winner Whitney

Dr. Travis said Whitney is the only one who holds the key to her health and weight loss. Whitney said she was sore after the workout, but she feels like she pushed herself, and she can’t wait to keep going toward her goals.

Select Fitness & Bistro MD Review

To help her get results, The Doctors gave her a one-year gym membership, along with personal training from Select Fitness.

Also, Bistro MD contributed a year’s supply of chef-prepared, doctor supervised nutritional meals to help her reach her goals.


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