Gender Reassignment: Simple Meta Vs Ring Meta with Dr Marci Bowers


The Drs: Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie is known around the world as the pregnant man, and he has given birth to three children. The Doctors invited him back to their show with an exclusive update on his journey through Gender Reassignment surgery. But first, they looked back at the saga so far.

Thomas is transgender and was born a woman. His story made a splash, and he discussed his gender identity on a previous visit with The Doctors. At that time, he explained why he kept his female reproductive organs.


“I chose to keep them because I didn’t feel that removing them would make me any more or less of a man. It would just make me sterile,” he said.

The Doctors: Pregnant Man Fatherhood

Dr Marci Bowers: Gender Reassignment

The Doctors met Gender Reassignment Surgery expert Dr Marci Bowers, who performed the Pregnant Man's surgery. (lev radin /

He took the steps to become pregnant because his wife was unable to have children. But Thomas admitted was concerned about the effects pregnancy would have on his body. He speculated that people were floored by this story in part because they have a difficult time understanding the process that transgender people experience when transitioning.


Thomas credited his wife Nancy with supporting him every step of the way, from breast removal through hormone therapy. After having daughter Susan, Thomas gave birth to two more sons, with wife Nancy.

The Drs: Gender Reassignment Surgery

“People just need to broaden their horizons and look more introspectively,” Thomas said to his critics. Since his previous appearance on The Doctors, Thomas made the decision to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery.

Though he had already had his breasts removed, he was ready to take the next step and “transform his vagina into a penis,” according to Dr Travis Stork. Before getting an update from Thomas, The Doctors wanted to share his surgeon’s unique story.

Dr Marci Bowers: Gender Reassignment Surgery

Though Dr Marci Bowers started her career as an OB/GYN, she found her calling in the subspecialty of transgender surgery. Dr Bowers said there are just a handful of surgeons in the US who perform these procedures. She knows the experience firsthand, because she had Gender Reassignment Surgery about 15 years ago.

“Having gone through transition and then realizing that there were just very few surgeons coming up, I moved my practice and…took over from there,” she said. “We’ve raised the bar as far as the quality and expectations for surgeries, and given people some new hope and new optimism in this area of medicine.”

Dr Marci Bowers: Gender Reassignment Purpose

As for the experience of transitioning, and the results for patients, Dr Bowers put it simply: “Whatever state of dress you’re in, your body matches the feelings that you’ve had your whole life.”

Dr Marci Bowers joined The Doctors team on the set to talk more about her work. Her transition surgery took place in the mid-’90s. Dr Lisa Masterson asked how having that firsthand experience has played a role in her practice.

Dr Bowers said she understands the importance of this process for her patients, which she said also gives her a personal connection with the process. She compared it to the life changing event of handing parents a baby for the first time.

Thomas first reached out to Dr Bowers during his original pregnancy for advice. “I was very supportive. I believe his story is about reproductive rights,” she said. “Thomas just did it in an unconventional way.”

Gender Reassignment: Simple Meta Vs Ring Meta

Dr Travis Stork said that, like with any surgery, patients are bound to have a lot of questions before this type of procedure. The Doctors cameras followed Thomas on his consultation with Dr Bowers before the surgery.

Thomas had many choices to make about his surgery, including which type of procedure he would like.

  • Simple Meta – releases the testosterone-enlarged penis from the labia menora
  • Ring Meta – more complex; constructs a urethra; higher risk of complication

This choice would make the difference between whether Thomas would be able to pee standing up after his surgery. Thomas was most interested in the Ring Meta process. Find out about Thomas’s FTM Surgery. Is the pregnant man happy now?


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