Drs: Would You Send Poop To Your Enemy? + ‘Prescription Thugs’


The Doctors: Send Poop To Your Enemies?

There are actual companies that will ship poop to your enemies for you! Believe it? You better! The Doctors ordered some themselves to find out if there was truth to the idea. Turns out, it’s real! If you order the poop, your enemy will receive a plastic bag with a note that says “You have been pooped on. Want to know by whom???? (Turn Over).” Once you turn it over, you touch the feces! It costs $27, which as Dr Rachael Ross said, is too much to spend on someone you want to [poop] on in the first place! The Doctors sent the feces to the lab and found bacteria that they couldn’t even pronounce. Would you send poop to your enemies?

The Doctors then revealed their word of the day: breathe! Enter breathe on The Doctors for a chance to win an Air Free air sterilizer to purify the air, worth $219!


The Doctors: Fast Food Worker Taunts Homeless Man

Drs: Would You Send Poop To Your Enemy? + 'Prescription Thugs'

Would you consider sending a bag of poop to your enemies? What if it cost you $27? (denverjeffrey / Flickr)

The Doctors then moved on to share a video of a restaurant worker offering a homeless man a sandwich only to throw a drink in his face as he approached the window. The video has been viewed more than 4 million times and the employee was fired.


The Doctors: Palm Springs International Film Festival

For The Doctors News in 2:00, it was reported that the Palm Springs International Film Festival gave stars an opportunity to share their New Years Resolution, which included everything from smiling more to exercising. Cate Blanchett admitted that she struggles to find balance between work and family, and Matt Damon was excited about fans’ enthusiasm.

The Doctors: ‘Prescription Thugs’

After losing his brother to prescription drug abuse, documentarian Chris Bell set out to look at the goals of big pharmaceutical companies in his new film Prescription Thugs. The film wonders how different Big Pharma is from “back ally drug pushers.”

The Doctors: Motivate Yourself To Get Out Of Bed

To get out of bed faster in the morning, it’s important to understand why it’s important to you. Researchers found that writing your favorite thing of the day and putting it next to you in bed will motivate you to get up out of bed each morning.


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