Drs: Worst Wedding Guest Ever + Controversial IHOP Tweet

The Doctors: Rage Room For Stress

The Doctors shared a solution for stressed out parents, called a rage room. You grab a baseball bat and enter a special room to break anything you want. Reportedly, rapper Kanye West even has one in his room. Dr Andrew Ordon tried it and said it noy only revealed stress, but it was a pretty good workout too. You can pay $20 for 30 minutes in the rage room, which could certainly be worth it. Letting out some frustration in the right environment can be helpful.


The Doctors: Horrible Wedding Guest

Drs: Worst Wedding Guest Ever + Controversial IHOP Tweet

The Doctors shared news of a wedding guest that posted a scathing review of her good friend’s wedding. (125349110@N05 / Flickr)

Next, The Doctors reported that an unlucky couple invited perhaps the worst wedding guest ever: a beauty blogger who live-blogged the entire day. The blogger posted a scathing review of the wedding, even going as far as to say her own outfit received more compliments than the bride’s wedding gown. “The bride was struggling with her gown the whole time,” the blogger wrote. As well as “You know when people see a bridal car, they will naturally want to look at the bridge… [but] people kept looking at me…”


Dr Ordon said “I bet you $50 she doesn’t have a ring on her finger.” Dr Rachael Ross said the blogger is clearly the jealous friend, and the bride had to see that in a toxic way. She clearly shouldn’t have even gotten an invitation. People’s true colors come out at a wedding.

What would you do if one of your wedding guests posted such a scathing review of your own wedding?

The Doctors: Controversial IHOP Tweet

Next, The Doctors reported than in an effort to draw a younger, social media driven crowd, IHOP has been posting “edgier” tweets but some say they went a little too far when they posted a picture of their pancakes with the caption “flat but has a GREAT personality.” Apparently, the tweet sparked a backlash. Dr Rachael Ross said she could see why some people would get offended, but she personally found it funny. IHOP responded with a statement saying “The tweet was immature and inappropriate and does not reflect who we are or what our brand stands for. We removed it shortly after it was posted and are truly sorry.”

Do you think IHOP took it a little too far?


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