Drs: Why Women Like Bad Boys + Does Humor Affect Attraction


The Doctors: Why Do Women Tend To Go For Bad Boys?

The Doctors kicked off their September 29 episode, explaining that they wanted to help women transform their lives by covering women’s health issues. They began by sharing that Sandra Bullock is making headlines again, because of her marriage to notorious bad boy Jesse James. Now, the actress is reportedly in a relationship with a man who, in the past, had his own run-in’s with the law.


Dr Rachael Ross said, at the end of the day, women want someone who can handle them. Dr Travis Stork said there’s a difference between a “bad boy” and a disloyal, cheating man. Dr Berman said having a little bit of an edge is appealing to a lot of women. It’s the mystery and adventure that is appealing. Dr Ross said if you’re ovulating and not on birth control pills, women tend to gravitate more toward men with a stronger jaw and a bad boy image.

Drs: Why Women Like Bad Boys + Does Humor Affect Attraction

The Doctors discussed why so many women tend to gravitate toward bad boys. (backgroundnow / Flickr)

Why do you think women tend to go for bad boys?


The Doctors: Is Being Funny A Turn-Off For Men?

Dr Travis Stork then reported that when it comes to dating, guys tend to steer away from the funny girls. A new study out of the University of Kansas is claiming that being a comedic woman won’t land you a man. It showed there was no correlation between a woman’s sense of humor and a man’s attraction to her. On the other hand, men who make women laugh are more likely to win a man’s affection.

Dr Berman said a woman with wit is attractive. The Doctors took a poll on Facebook to find out what their viewers thought, asking “if a woman is funny, does it make her more attractive” and 55% said no! They then asked “if a man is funny, does it make him more attractive” and 85% said yes. Sounds like there’s a bit of a double standard!

What do you think? Does a sense of humor make a woman more attractive?

The Doctors: Is The Withdrawal Method Dangerous?

They then moved on to talk about a new study that looked at various contraceptive methods, including coitus interuptus, otherwise known as the “withdrawal method.” It’s been widely reported as ineffective, especially in preventing STD’s, but a recent study published by Contraception stated that couples who used that method had a 4% chance of getting pregnant within a year, if it was done perfectly.

Considering condoms are 98% effective when used correctly, Dr Ross pointed out that there’s really not much of a difference between the two contraception options. She said the problem is that, often times men, especially younger men, don’t have enough control to do it effectively. They made it clear that this method is not for teenagers.

The Doctors: Choosing Career Over Starting A Family

In a recent issue of Redbook Magazine, actress Gabrielle Union was quoted as saying”there is a certain amount of shame that is placed on women who have perhaps chosen a career over starting a family younger and you feel like you’re wearing a scarlet letter.” She also talked openly about how a woman’s career can take a hit if she chooses to start a family.

Dr Berman disagreed with what Gabrielle had to say, saying she was 35 when she had her first baby, and went to the operating room, working when she was 8 months pregnant. She said she was embraced, but perhaps the entertainment industry is different than the medical community in terms of pregnancy.

Do you agree with Gabrielle’s statements about starting a family while having a career?


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