Drs: What Are Cluster Headaches + Staff Member Shares Struggle


The Doctors: Staff Member With Severe Headaches

A staff member for The Doctors opened up about his health struggle, sharing that he hasn’t been able to just go out and have a good time in the last two months. His name is Robert and he’s the prop master for the show. He shops and produces all the props that are used on the show and for the last eight years, he’s suffered with cluster headaches that last anywhere from a minute to most of the day. They’re extremely painful and Allan, Robert’s partner, said he has seen Robert go from normal to curling up into a ball.


Now, Robert will have two or three cluster headaches every night, which means he’s exhausted in the morning. It’s been about a month and a half since he’s had a full-night’s rest. He’s seen neurologists, but nothing has helped. He also does an oxygen treatment now and it’s the only thing that can make his headaches even bearable.

Drs: What Are Cluster Headaches + Staff Member Shares Struggle

A staff member for The Doctors shared his struggle with severe headaches and learned jus what cluster headaches really are. (sophistechate / Flickr)

The Doctors sent Robert to see Dr David Kudrow, director of the California Medical Clinic for Headaches.


The Doctors: Suffering From Constant Headaches

Robert explained to Dr Kudrow that prior to his most recent headaches, he would typically get bouts of headaches lasting from November to January or February. He was very clear about the fact that the headaches always occur above his eye on the left side. Robert said he either experience intense throbbing or severe pain and tightness, and Dr Kudrow defined his headaches as being a form of the most severe kind.

The Doctors: What Are Cluster Headaches?

Dr Kudrow then explained that cluster headaches are very rare and only occur in about .1% of the general population and occurs more commonly in men than women. It’s called a cluster headache because it occurs in clusters, which means the patient will have headaches for several months or weeks at a time, then they’ll disappear for a period of time. But during the time they have the headaches, they get several a day and it’s excruciating pain, described as the most severe head pain they’re aware of. It’s always and only on one side of the head, typically around the eye, and it’s a constant steady pain as opposed to throbbing.

It’s important to get the right diagnosis, and Allan was thrilled to hear that Robert finally got some answers to lead him toward the right treatment. The Doctors then surprised Robert with an adjustable Sleep Number bed so he didn’t have to keep propping himself up on pillows when he needed to elevate his head.

Do you or someone you know suffer from cluster headaches?


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