Drs: Wealth Therapist For The Rich + Risk Lawsuit To Help Victim?


The Doctors: Man Defends Pharmacist In Attempted Robbery

Relationship therapist Chris Donahue joined The Doctors to talk about some hot headlines, as well as attorney Areva Martin and Dr Jorge Rodriguez. First, Dr Travis Stork asked viewers if they would risk their lives to help someone in need. The Doctors shared footage of a crime caught on tape that showed a man jumping on the counter at a pharmacy and telling the pharmacist he had a gun. Suddenly, the criminal was pulled off the counter by a trained fighter who attacked the man and wrestled him until he was knocked unconscious.


Dr Stork further explained that the theif was trying to get Oxycodone and the man who attacked him, David, is an MMA fighter. It turns out, the pharmacist was actually David’s girlfriend. He also added that David was going to be on the show but he didn’t come because he was worried about being prosecuted. Areva Martin explained that it’s very possible someone simply trying to do what David did, could find themselves in the middle of a lawsuit for assault if the take things too far.

Drs: Wealth Therapist For The Rich + Risk Lawsuit To Help Victim?

Even the filthy rich need a therapist, which is why there’s a unique profession taylored to helping those with a unique set of problems. (pictures-of-money / Flickr)

Dr Rodriguez added that you can’t just take the law into your own hands, saying it’s important to be incredibly careful. Would you step in even if it meant possibly later facing charges for it?


The Doctors: Mean Teacher Caught On Tape

The Doctors then moved on to explain that just because a school may be top ranked, that doesn’t mean there aren’t bad teachers working there. A video shows a teacher ripping into a young student, and Dr Stork explained that the school has stated it was an isolated incident and is not how they conduct things. However, the school is currently accused of discriminating against students with disabilities according to a legal complaint filed by some parents.

The Doctors: Teacher Under Fire Over Released Video

Chris Donahue spoke up saying that he believes if you’re going to be an educator, you need to be able to regulate yourself. He also argued that he doesn’t believe it was an isolated incident because most people either have good self-regulation and patience, or they don’t. Areva, as the only mom on the panel, said it was her worst nightmare to think about her child being psychologically or emotionally abused at school, is terrifying. That sort of negativity only weakens a child’s self-esteem.

Allegedly, the video was filmed by a teacher’s assistant who was fed up with seeing it happen, although the teacher was one of the most applauded teachers at the school. She reportedly returned to work just a week and a half later. Dr Rodriguez played devil’s advocate saying that, at the same time, teacher’s can’t be too lenient because discipline is what helps children learn, but he agreed that the specific case shown in the tape is wrong.

At a recent press conference, the principal of the Success Academy stated that she didn’t condone the teacher’s behavior, but believed that the video showed “a teacher at her absolute worst moment.”

The Doctors: Wealth Therapist For Rich People Problems

Next, The Doctors explained that there is now a new specialty called a wealth therapist, which is a therapist who specializes in “rich people problems.” Wealth therapist Clay Cockrell explained that he works with a variety of people, but about half of his clients are people that are a part of the 1%. He sees patients who net about $10 million to as much as $2-3 billion. He also explained that their primary problems come from motivation, because they have to find purpose in their life.

Dr Stork also explained that some people can become so wealthy that they begin dealing with social isolation. Clay agreed that’s an issue for his clients, because they feel like they can’t relate to their friends or former friends. He charges $450 an hour, but Dr Rodriguez joked that he was undercharging his clients.


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