The Drs: Viral PMS Photo + Disney Sued For Death After Snake Bite

The Doctors: Viral Photo Of PMS Outfit

The Doctors were thrilled to finally show viewers some of their best clips and segments from throughout the season that never made it on the show. In the first segment, attorney Areva Martin and the co-hosts took a look at a photo one husband shared of his wife on Reddit. The photo was posted on the site without his wife’s knowledge with the caption “This is my wife’s ‘don’t touch me, I’m on my period’ outfit.”

The post went viral and has now been viewed millions of times with thousands of comments.


From their home in Pennsylvania, Chris and his wife Jamie joined the show via Skype. It turns out that most of the comments the picture got were negative. Jamie explained that she knew her husband had sent the photo to his fantasy football group text and posted it on Reddit, but had no idea that it had gone viral. Chris claims he had no ill intent and the couple laughed.

The Drs: Viral PMS Photo + Disney Sued For Death After Snake Bite

After he posted a photo of his wife in her “PMS outfit,” one husband’s photo went viral, landing him in some hot water. (baylors / Flickr)


Dr Rachael Ross joked that part of the reason the photo became so popular is because there’s actual truth to it. A lot of women enjoy getting comfortable and caring a little less about what they look like during that time of the month. Thankfully, the couple is doing great! But what would you do if you found yourself in either of their situations?

The Doctors: Disney Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Snake Bite

Next, The Doctors shared news of a family who is threatening to sue Walt Disney World after their 8-year-old son was bitten by a non-venomous snake that had dropped out of a tree inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. The family claimed the boy’s great-grandmother witnessed the entire incident and immediately began suffering breathing problems because of it. The boy was attended to by a medic with a bandage, but the great-grandmother was taken to the hospital the next day after still feeling unwell. Two days later she died after suffering a massive heart attack. The family is suing over injuries sustained by the boy as well as the wrongful death of the great-grandma.

Areva pointed out that the great-grandmother was in her early nineties and the boy suffered a very minor injury that only needed a small bandage. Not to mention the great-grandmother had the heart attack two days after the incident. Dr Travis Stork argued that medically speaking, the fault of the great-grandmother’s death being placed on Walt Disney World is a real stretch. Allegedly the family returned to the park right after it happened as well, so Areva believes the case will be difficult for the family to win.


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