Drs: Uncoordinated Dog + Birth Control Pill Causes Crohn’s Disease?


The Drs: Uncoordinated Dog

The Doctors shared that a dog named Fritz struggles a bit when it comes to catching various food items. A slow-motion video showed the golden retriever getting smacked in the face by all kinds of human foods, from pizza to hot dogs and even a donut. The owners wanted it to be known that Fritz doesn’t only eat the food that is thrown to him in the video, he was just getting those treats for the sake of the video.

Dr Travis Stork shared that his dog savors treats, while Dr Drew Ordon shared that his dog LuLu won’t miss a single morsel of a treat. Dr Rachael Ross said that her dog, before she passed, would rub all over a piece of turkey bacon since she couldn’t eat it. If you haven’t seen this adorable video, check it out. As if I needed another reason to want a golden retriever!


The Drs: Makeup Improves Love Life?

The Doctors then moved on to talk about how makeup could actually affect your love life. The dating site Zoosk found that women got 140% more messages from men after posting a picture with eye shadow. Dr Ordon said studies have shown that darkening the framework around the eyes does make you look more feminine and more attractive.

Dr Ross said eye contact is made throughout various cultures in order to flirt or send messages with other people. Dr Ordon said the other thing men found most attractive was even skin tone. The Doctors polled their viewers to find out which makeup item made them feel best and 34% said mascara, 26% said lipstick, and 21% said eyeliner. The rest said eyeshadow, concealer/foundation, or blush/bronzer.

For me, it’s always mascara, but what makeup makes you feel most confident?


The Drs: Birth Control & Crohn’s Disease

Drs: Uncoordinated Dog + Birth Control Pill Causes Crohn's Disease?

Can the birth control pill really cause Crohn’s disease? Get a new health alert from The Doctors. (dinnerseries / flickr)

The Doctors then wanted to talk about birth control, because a new study found that women who take the pill could be increasing their risk of Crohn’s Disease. The Harvard University study looked at 230,000 women from 1975-2008 and determined that those who have a family history of Crohn’s Disease are three times more likely to develop the disease after being on the pill for more than five years. Although the pill could still be safe, a family history of the disease could be enough of a reason to look at other alternatives for birth control.

The Drs: Risks Vs Benefits Of Birth Control Pill

Dr Ross said a lot of factors go into choosing a birth control, which is why it’s important to talk to you doctor. Dr Ashton said the study didn’t show why there was an association. She said what’s important is that there are both benefits and risks to being on the pill. If you’re on the pill for five years, you drop your risk of ovarian cancer by 50%. If you have a history of ovarian cancer in your family, the birth control pill could be of a great benefit. Dr Ashton pointed out that contraception requires an ongoing conversation with your doctor to make sure it continues to work properly for you.

Dr Ross then pointed out that if “you’re over the age” and you smoke cigarettes, you’re not a candidate for birth control pills. If you’re on the pill, do you engage in ongoing conversations with your doctor about it?

The Drs: Self-Driving Cars?

The Doctors then shared that a self-driving car is a project that just about every car manufacturing company is working on. They want to have the car on the market within the next five to 10 years, believing that computer-driven cars could be a lot safer than human-driven ones. Dr Stork said he wouldn’t trust a computer-driven car because of how anxious he is already. Dr Ashton agreed that she was way too much of a control freak and doesn’t even like when her husband is behind the wheel.

Dr Stork said one of the greatest pleasures in life is getting behind the wheel after you get your license. As Dr Ross said, it would be nice to have the option have the car drive for you, but it’s obviously important to feel safe. Dr Stork joked about all the things that could happen while the car is driving itself.

Would you use a self-driving car if it was available? What worries do you have about a car that can drive itself?


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