Drs TV Treatment Options for Male Infertility & Radiation Vs Fertility


The Doctors: What Causes Male Infertility?

Married couple Justin and Margaret have been having a lot of difficulty these past few years trying to conceive a child. Margaret visited her gynecologist recently who told her to tell her husband he also needed to be screened for male

Drs TV Treatment Options for Male Infertility & Radiation Vs Fertility

The Doctors talked with one couple who has been trying to conceive a child for some time but due to male infertility they have not been able to.



When Justin went to see the doctor, they found that he had no male liquid inside his testicles. Over the course of the next few months, the doctor was able to collect 12 male fluids from Justin which could then be placed in Margaret via in-vitro fertilization.

“We were so excited, because we felt like this was our one chance to have a baby,” Margaret said. “But, unfortunately, they called and said I was not pregnant, and that was devastating.”


Does Radiation Cause Male Infertility?

Since he was 18-years-old, Justin has had 14 surgeries to remove kidney stones and both he and his wife think the radiation from the numerous CAT scans could be the cause for his infertility. They wanted to know if they were right about the radiation and if there was a way to reverse Justin’s problem.

The Doctors called on the help of Dr. Aaron Spitz who told the couple Justin’s infertility is probably not related to the kidney stones or to the radiation from the CAT scans. Dr. Spitz performed a hormone test on Justin and the results came back normal so he performed an on air testicular exam to find the problem.

Dr. Spitz found a few unusual things about Justin’s lower region. For one, he had some enlarged veins that could be causing the temperature in his testicles to be to hard for fluid production. He also noticed one testicle was smaller than the other, which Justin explained was due to his testicle not dropping when he was younger due to a hernia when he was three. Dr. Spitz said both of those problems could be causing the infertility but there was hope for the couple to conceive a child.

Treatment Options For Male Infertility

Dr. Spitz offered three different treatment options for Justin to consider:

  1. Take his normal hormones and use medicine to drive his system to produce more male fluids for in-vitro fertilization. 
  2. Correct the varicose veins to allow blood to flow normally throughout the testicles, essentially dropping the temperature and hopefully increasing male fluids.
  3. Cut out some of the male fluids from inside the testicle and then implant those inside Margaret’s ovaries.

Check out the video below to see Dr. Spitz demonstrate how he would extract male fluids from Justin and then implant them in Margaret.


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