Drs TV: Tips to Soothe Sunburn & Emergency Room for Testicular Torsion


The Doctors: When to Visit the ER for Dental Pain

The Doctors received an email from June in Georgia. She told The Doctors she was having some sudden pain in her teeth when she chews and she has sensitivities to hot and cold foods. She wanted to know what was wrong with her tooth and whether she should see a dentist or go to the ER.

Drs TV: Tips to Soothe Sunburn & Emergency Room for Testicular Torsion

The Doctors helped three different people, with three different problems figure out if they should go to the emergency room or not. Would you for a sunburn?


Dr. Travis Stork said there are over one million visits to the ER for dental pain but there is little they can do in the emergency room. He said he has literally had to learn all about dentistry because so many people come in with dental problems.

Dr. Karent Sierra told June she may have cracked her tooth and exposed a nerve, which could be causing the pain. She said something that serious needs to be looked at right away because the more she procrastinates, the more extensive and expensive the dental procedures are going to be. Ignoring the pain could lead to infection and a possible root canal.

Dr. Stork said the only time you should visit the ER for dental problems is when your have a huge abscess growing or it is causing trouble breathing. Other than that, you should visit a dentist.


Dental Cement for Chipped Tooth

Dr. Sierra said one of the best things to do if you can not make it the dentist that day is buying dental cement from the pharmacy. This will block the nerves from being exposed and offer some relief. It is basically what will happen at the ER as well, except they will give a shot for the pain that only lasts about 12 hours.

Tooth Fell Out? Put it Back in

The Doctors said if entire tooth falls out of your mouth, put it back in where it fell out of. Dr. Sierra said the periodontal fibers in the gums could reattach themselves to the tooth.

When Does Testicle Pain Warrant a Visit to the ER?

Mark from Oregon wrote into The Doctors saying he has been feeling some sharp pain in his testicles and he wanted to know if he needs emergency medical attention.

Dr. Jennifer Berman said the testicles need to be checked right away if there is pain and if the pain is intermittent, meaning it comes and goes, it still needs to be looked at immediately. Most likely, Mark twisted his testicle and it needs to be untwisted by a doctor.

Basically, if your testicles ever hurt, get them checked out immediately. This is one emergency you should be going to the ER for.

How To Soothe A Sunburn

Jake from Boston wrote into The Doctors saying his wife recently got a really bad sunburn, complete with blisters, and he wanted to know if it happens again should he call the doctor.

Dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby said it is ridiculous people are getting sunburns this bad when all they have to do is put on sunscreen. He also shared the following tips for anyone who does get sunburned.

  • Take two 325 MG aspirins every six hours. 
  • Use a cool compress.
  • Use one percent hydrocodone cream to bring down the inflammation.

Dr. Kirby added that he believes it should be a crime similar to child neglect for any parent who is allowing their children to get sunburned.


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