Drs TV: Noise-Induced Sensory Hearing Loss & Cochlear Implant Benefits


The Doctors: Loud Noises Cause Noise-Induced Sensory Hearing Loss

Have you ever wondered if you are listening to your music too loud? Have you ever asked yourself how loud is too loud? The Doctors say they get this question all the time and Dr. Travis Stork said a good rule of thumb is if what you are listening too is louder than a vacuum, you need to turn it down or get farther from the sound.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said prolonged exposure to a loud noise is not good for your hearing. The prolonged exposure can lead to noise-induced sensory hearing loss. He explained how the loud noises can affect the hearing cells in the ear which can cause you to lose your ability to hear high frequency sounds.


The Doctors suggested wearing ear plugs when mowing the lawn or when going to a concert to protect your hearing.

Cochlear Implants Allows 4-Year-Old to Hear

Drs TV: Noise-Induced Sensory Hearing Loss & Cochlear Implant Benefits

The Doctors answered one man’s questions about how loud is too loud by explaining how prolonged exposure to noise causes noise-induced sensory hearing loss.


New technology is allowing people to hear better than ever and some of the most advanced research is happening at House Research Institute in Los Angeles. The Doctors stopped by to meet a four-year-old girl, Kennedy, who has been losing her hearing at an accelerated rate since she was born.

Kennedy’s mother said her daughter is like any typical four-year-old but because of a hearing illness she is susceptible to progressive hearing loss. Her mother said her hearing has become so bad, she can barely made out speech.

In order to help her children hear again, Kennedy’s mother took her to House Research Institute to have a cochlear implant put in her daughter’s ear.

Cochlear Implant Hearing Vs Normal Way of Hearing

The Doctors explained a cochlear implant is an electronic way of hearing, which is different than how most people hear. Sound is sent to the eat through electrical pulses, causing the electrodes to stimulate the cochlear. The hope is this implant will allow Kennedy to hear quieter forms of speech.

It has been six months since her surgery and Kennedy’s mother said she is doing great. She said the implant has helped with her speech so much, she can’t get her to stop talking.

Check out the video below to see her reaction when she hears her mother clearly for the first time.


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