Drs TV: Indications You’re Too Old to Drive & Pessary for Incontinence


The Doctors: Senior Citizens & Driving Privileges

Drs TV: Indications You're Too Old to Drive & Pessary for Incontinence

The Doctors shared their tips for knowing when you have become too old to drive and they also shared their advice for stopping incontinence in older women.

One of the biggest things people do not like to admit is that they are forgetful and it is getting worse with age. To get the inside scoop on what seniors have to say about becoming forgetful, The Doctors talked with a few seniors at the Fairwinds Ivey Ranch Retirement Home.


While there, the seniors had a discussion about when they should stop driving and if any of them ever would. One woman said she stopped driving when she was around 80 and it was like cutting of her right arm. Another man said his doctors told him to stop driving but he didn’t. He waited until his license was revoked four times before he stopped.

What these seniors wanted to know the most was whether or not there were signs that indicated when they should stop driving.

Indications Of When You’re Too Old To Drive

Dr. Travis Stork said there are a lot of indications you have become too old to drive. If you suffer from any of the following, it might be time to hang up the keys.

  • Start losing your senses like vision and hearing. 
  • You get lost all the time.
  • Your reflexes have started to diminish.

Dr. Stork said there are also medications that dull the sensations in your foot. If you are having trouble moving from the gas pedal to the brake pedal, it is definitely time to stop driving.

Tips To Keep the Brain Active and Healthy

While your body and mind will diminish with time, there are ways to keep your brain active and stimulated.

  • Reading stimulates the brain – Try changing the fonts on the computer screen to make it more difficult to see which makes your brain work harder and promotes better memory. 
  • Ballroom dancing improves memory and brain functioning.
  • Use your non dominant hand more often.
  • Take music lessons.

How To Improve Bladder Function, Lessen Incontinence

The Doctors finished off their show by talking with the Trilogy Ladies once more about another health problem.

One of the ladies said she was recently jumping on a trampoline with her granddaughter and she thought she was going to urinate herself. She wanted to know why since she has never felt that sensation when she played tennis.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said the first step to improving bladder function is to keep active which keeps the blood flowing to and around the bladder. She figured it was jumping that put pressure on her urethra which caused some leakage. She also said to strengthen the muscles around the urethra to help fight incontinence.

If those suggestions don’t work, Dr. Masterson said there are surgeries that can be done or the doctor may want to use a device called a pessary, a device used to change the angle of the urethra and stop the incontinence.


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