Drs: Tips For Standing In Heels + Rita Wilson On Second Opinions


The Drs: How To Stand In High Heels

The Doctors shared Kendall Jenner’s secret to surviving wearing high heels all day or all night long. Dr Rachael Ross said you can stand with your feet crossed and shift your weight to the back foot, but put most of the pressure on your heel. Because stilettos are designed to put pressure on the ball of your foot, you actually want to aim for the opposite. It’s also important to have a strong core, because it requires some balance to stand like that. Be sure to shift your weight regularly.


Drs: Tips For Standing In Heels + Rita Wilson On Second Opinions

Before you level up on Candy Crush, find out how the popular game landed one guy in surgery! (alper / flickr)

“Regularly” was the word of the day and you can use the word regularly to enter for a chance to win a $125 gift card to Ahnu Footwear.

The Drs: Rita Wilson Breast Cancer & Second Opinion

The Doctors then shared their News in 2:00, sharing that actress Rita Wilson announced that she recently underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. She’s the wife of Tom Hanks and shared that for years, she had been monitored via mammograms and breast MRIs. A friend suggested she get a second opinion on a recent biopsy and the pathologist felt it was cancer.


Wilson wants to educate people on the importance of second opinions and said, “You have nothing to lose if both opinions match up for the good, and everything to gain if something that was missed is found.” She’s expected to make a full recovery.

Will you consider getting a second opinion after hearing Rita’s story?

The Drs: Surgery From Candy Crush Addiction

A 29-year-old California man had to undergo surgery after playing Candy Crush Saga on his smart phone all day, for eight weeks. The man experienced chronic left thumb pain and loss of active motion. He was diagnosed with a torn tendon and had surgery to repair it.

The Drs: Blake Lively On Motherhood

Blake Lively has been promoting her new film The Age of Adeline and has been discussing the tasks of being a mom. She opened up in Allure magazine about how she drives and pumps at the same time in order to breastfeed her daughter. She discussed keeping her pregnancy a secret by saying, “I can’t be someone like Beyonce—throwing open a jacket and showing off her belly.”

The Drs: Keep Underarms Smelling Fresh

Actress Grace Gealey from Empire shared her beauty secret, which was a home remedy for blocking underarm odor. She said that sometimes deodarant will stop working over time. In order to stay fresh-smelling, she will use a lemon to take care of the smell. Grace explained that the acidity in the lemon affects the pH to discourage the odor.

If your deodorant is not working, try mixing it up. Also, Dr Drew Ordon revealed that if you touch hot sauce, you should wash your hands before touching any other part of your body.

Do you have any tricks for keeping your under-arms smelling fresh?


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