Drs: Things Never To Add To Coffee + Signs Of A Cheater

The Doctors: What You Should Never Put In Your Coffee

For many, nothing beats a good cup of coffee, but could you be ruining the possible benefits with what you’re putting in it? There are three things in particular you should never put in your coffee, beginning with non-dairy creamer. Olessa Pindak said you’re much better going with coconut creamer or coconut milk because it can even boost your immunity. You also shouldn’t use skim milk, because several studies have shown that whole milk is much better to decrease your diabetes risk. Plus it can prevent teeth staining.


You also should avoid a flavor shot because you can be adding a lot of sugar. For a little flavor boost, try adding a little vanilla extract or almond extract. You can save yourself up to 19 gams of sugar! Coffee isn’t bad for you, it’s what you add to it, which is why it’s important to make good decisions all around.

Drs: Things Never To Add To Coffee + Signs Of A Cheater

The Doctors shared three things that you should never put in your coffee and why. (madame_furie / Flickr)

What’s your favorite thing to put in your cup of coffee?


The Doctors: Surprising Signs Of A Cheater

The Doctors then shared surprising signs of a cheater that have been backed by science. First, Wayne is a name that has been most-linked to cheating, so if his name is Wayne, you better watch out! Next, if your age ends in “9” you’re more likely to be a cheater, and Dr Drew Ordon blamed age-related crisis. Lastly, if the person is a shopaholic, they’re more likely to cheat. According to Ashley Madison, the typical adultress female shopper has a preferred brand of Banana Republic. Dr Travis Stork then revealed his Banana Republic boxers!

The Doctors: Eat More Beans

Before the end of the show, The Doctors revealed their Prescription of the Day, which was to substitute a pound of beans for meat at dinner once a week in order to save $100 a year, 153 calories a week, and you can even cut your cancer risk!


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