Drs: Susan Williams, Robin Williams Death + Adele Rolling Stone


The Doctors: How Kids Hide Drug Paraphernalia

Next, The Doctors discussed some of the new ways kids are hiding drug and drug paraphernalia. There’s a pipe that looks like a highlighter. A fake diet coke bottle is actually filled with drugs, as is a fake can of green tea. A seemingly normal looking lipstick, is actually a pipe. Dr Travis Stork reported that nearly 50% of all high school students have used a drug, which means there’s a good chance that experimenting is going on with your child. It’s always best to be aware and look for behavioral changes in your own children.


The Doctors: Susan Williams On Robin Williams’ Death

Drs: Susan Williams, Robin Williams Death + Adele Rolling Stone

The Doctors shared news of Susan Williams speaking out about the death of her husband Robin, an what she thinks happened. (blackadegan / Flickr)

For the Doctors News in 2:00, it was reported that Susan Williams, the wife of the late Robin Williams said her husband took his life because of an incurable brain disease called Lewy Body Dementia, or DLB. DLB is associated with Parkinson’s Disease, which Williams was diagnosed with in the months leading up to his suicide in August 2014. In a People magazine interview, Susan said Robin was “aware that he was losing his mind and there was nothing he could do.”


Susan also claims that Robin couldn’t keep it together in the last month of his life and had he lived, there was a “good chance he would have been locked up.”

The Doctors: Will Smith In Concussion

In ConcussionWill Smith portrays Dr Bennet Omalu, who became an NFL whistleblower when he tied to warn the league about the risks of playing football. At the Hollywood Film Awards, Smith shared that his son played at a “football powerhouse” so it was a difficult conflict for him.

The Doctors: Adele, Rolling Stone

In the new Rolling Stone issue, Oscar and Grammy-winning singer Adele hinted at a possible return to touring. Working out and cutting back on sugar was part of Adele’s regimen to get in shape but “not be a size zero!” In 2011, a vocal hemorrhage required surgery, but she recovered quickly for a grammy performance in 2012. When talking about body image, Adele said “not everyone is my size, but it’s relatable because I’m not perfect, and I think a lot of people are portrayed as perfect, unreachable, and untouchable.”

The Doctors: Use Military Time

The Doctors prescription of the day was to change all your clocks to military time. It could help keep your mind strong by doing the math required to figure out the time. It could also help you get to bed earlier. A trick to reading military time is to subtract twelve from anything over 1200 hours, to know what time it is. At 1300 hours, minus twelve, it’s 1:00!


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