Drs: Surprise For Family Who Lost Everything In California Wildfire


The Doctors: California Wildfire

The Doctors were celebrating the holidays with their special holiday extravaganza, surprising everyone in the audience with a $100 gift card to Minted.com, that they can use to make customized greeting cards.

The Doctors then switched gears a bit to talk about this year’s devastating wildfires, and the third-worst fire in California’s history. More than 1,000 were left devastated, including a family that spoke with The Doctors. They explained that they left their house in Hidden Valley and were headed to San Francisco for a Giants baseball game. They heard about the wildfire, but at the time it was far away from where they lived. But within 3-4 hours the fire had reached their town.


The Doctors: Family Lost Home In Wildfire

Drs: Surprise For Family Who Lost Everything In California Wildfire

The Doctors had a few great surprises for a family who lost everything after a wildefire roared through their California town. (usfwssoutheast / Flickr)

The family’s two labs were at home, Frankie and Cocoa, as well as their two cats. They got texts from their friends saying they were “running for their lives.” So they knew they couldn’t go back. In the morning, their neighbor texted them saying their houses had burned to the ground. They lost everything in the fire, incuding their pets. All of their pictures were lost, but they did recover wedding rings and his firefighter badge.


While sorting through the remains of their house, their cat came running out of the bushes, having no signs of burns. It was certainly a small ray of light through the devastation. The family is now having to rebuild, but consider themselves to be stronger than ever. The entire family joined The Doctors. Todd, the father, is a volunteer fireman and admitted he never thought it would happen to him.

The Doctors: Surprise For Family Who Lost Everything In Fire

Their faith is what has kept them going, as well as their community. There’s no way they can replace everything they lost, but The Doctors wanted to help at least get them started. The Giants baseball team set up an entire VIP day for the entire family next season, including field passes and game tickets. A photographer in the family’s hometown wanted to do a full family photo session to give them new pictures, plus Minted surprised the family with $1,000 to spend on customized art and photo art.

Super Jeweler heard their story as well, and wanted to give the family $5,000 to spend on a new engagement ring and wedding bands. Marci Matthews, an author and philanthropist, explained that she’s been working with crisis victims for years, writing her book “Every Day A Hope.” Marci then surprised the family with a $5,000 donation to the Fire Family Foundation on their behalf. Marci also surprised the family with $10,000 for the family to help them get back on their feet.

The Doctors then surprised everyone in the audience witha  trip to Knotts Merry Farm.


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