Drs: Sued Over Secondhand Smoke? + Star With Rheumatoid Arthritis


The Doctors: Secondhand Smoke Lawsuit

According to The Doctors, nearly half of all people living in apartments in this country, live with smoke from a neighboring apartment. One New York City apartment dweller is $120,000 richer, because of a lawsuit over secondhand smoke infiltration. Attorney Areva Martin explained that anti-smoking laws prohibit smoking in public buildings, restaurants, or office buildings. But the law also states that you can’t smoke in your apartment if that smoke has a way to get into the apartments of others, because it exposes others to secondhand smoke.


An apartment building allows for a lot of secondhand smoke situations, and there are 69 toxic chemicals in secondhand smoke. The tenant actually sued the co-op she was living in, saying they weren’t protecting her. That means if you’re living in an apartment building and face the same problem, you would be suing the owner of the apartment building. A case like this, should encourage apartment building owners to ban smoking in the building completely.

Drs: Sued Over Secondhand Smoke? + Star With Rheumatoid Arthritis

One apartment dweller is $120,000 richer after a lawsuit over secondhand smoke. The Doctors explained what happened. (vrysxy69 / Flickr)

Areva hopes that situations like this will only further encourage smokers to quit the habit.


The Doctors: Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement To Party With Scott Disick?

Switching gears a bit, The Doctors then wanted to hear what Areva Martin had to say after hearing that anyone who parties with Scott Disick has to sign a non-disclosure agreement beforehand. Martin explained that many celebrities are now using the non-disclosure agreements when they hire a chef, nanny, or security guards. Dr Jennifer Berman revealed that she actually has all of her staff sign a non-disclosure agreement, explaining that she has a high-conflict divorce going on, which means she needs to protect herself and her family.

Disick requires that college-age girls who attend parties at a resort he’s staying at, sign the documents to avoid Kourtney Kardashian seeing who he’s hanging out with. Martin thinks some documents are valid, but questioned whether Disick’s requirement was too much. What do you think? Does Disick have a right to ask that of those who party with him?

The Doctors: Shahs Of Sunset Star With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi is known for her fiery temper on Bravo’s Shahs of SunsetShe shared with The Doctors that about six years ago, she started feeling a lot of pain in her hands. She saw a specialist and was diagnosed with tendinitis, but a few months later she began experiencing pain in her shoulders and knees as well. She saw a rheumatologist, who told her 18 of her joints were affected by rheumatoid disease. She’s been taking medication for rheumatoid arthritis for five years and because her hands have been injected with steroids so many times, she can’t do anything else or it will cause more damage.

In the summer of 2015, GG underwent hand surgery, but she still has to have surgery on other fingers. She explained that she’ll still go out and have a good time, because she’d rather be in a little more pain the next day, if it means being able to go out and enjoy her life.

Once GG recovers from her hand surgeries, she will start chemo infusions. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease where your body literally attacks your joints. Chemo infusions are meant to slow down the attacking of the immune system, which is basically what cancer does. GG has continued to undergo cosmetic procedures, explaining that she always checked with her rheumatologist beforehand. Her next chemo round is coming up soon, so she’s hoping it will calm down her extreme flare-ups.


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