The Drs: Sign Legal Waiver To Take Home Leftovers? + 2-2-4 Rule


The Doctors: Legal Waiver To Take Home Leftovers?

How do you feel about leftovers? The Doctors posed that question and then asked if you would be willing to sign a waiver before you took your leftover food home from a restaurant.

The Doctors explained that at restaurants these days, most portion sizes are too big. Many people try to save money and calories by taking part of their meal home with them for later. But what would you do if your waiter returned with a to-go bag and a health waiver?


The Drs: Sign Legal Waiver To Take Home Leftovers? + 2-2-4 Rule

The Doctors talked about a restaurant requiring patrons to sign a legal waiver before taking home leftovers. (Kostsov /

There’s a cafe in the U.K. that insisted the person eating there must legally release the restaurant from any claims, losses, liabilities, damage, costs, charges, fines, penalties, and expenses that could arise from the woman eating the rest of her meal at home.

The Doctors asked “is this restaurant paranoid, or should we be worried about what could go wrong with our leftovers?”


The Drs TV: Legal Waiver To Avoid Lawsuit Over Leftovers

Dr. Stork said if you’ve had a few glasses of wine, there’s a good possibility you could sign whatever is put in front of you without reading the fine print.

Dr. Drew Ordon and Dr. Jim Sears said they would sign a waver if it was really good food. Dr. Sears explained that a lot of times when he gets a big entree, he cuts it in half in the beginning and then takes half of it home.

Dr. Stork said taking food home shouldn’t be a problem, and questioned what our society has come to that we now have to sign a waiver before we can take food home. He said he knows there are a lot of cases of food poisoning, saying over 48 million people suffer from it and 120,000 are hospitalized due to it every year. But he said if we now live in a society where, if you eat leftovers from a restaurant a few days later and then get sick, and sue the restaurant, what does that say about our society?

The Doctors: Restaurant Leftovers

Dr. Ross said sometimes restaurant leftovers are nearly as good as leftovers from homemade meals. She said often times when you warm up leftovers, you realize what you really ate, and it’s not so pretty.

Dr. Stork joked that he knew who ate Dr. Ordon’s leftovers, and then shared a picture of him with his dog. He shared how Dr. Ordon would go around to other people’s plates and pick leftover meat off to take home for his dog.

The Drs TV: How To Tell If Leftovers Are Still Good + 2-2-4 Rule

Dr. Jim Sears explained that there’s a really good rule to tell if leftovers are still safe to eat. It’s called the 2-2-4 rule.

He said you need to be sure that your leftovers make it home to the fridge within 2 hours of being served. Then, make sure it’s in a dish that’s no deeper than 2 inches deep. He said if it’s a big pot, a lot of the stuff in the middle won’t get cold enough.

Finally, the 4 stands for four days, meaning make sure you eat the leftovers within four days.


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